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A few recommendations

Some assorted videos on gender….they capture the times we live in….

1. Kamla Bahsin talks about toxic masculinity

2. One of the responses as The Gender Lab & Blue Ribbon Movement- our boys program

3. At times the ask for empowerment can create a clash of values — like the debate on equal pay, where Jordan Peterson opens an alternate perspective

4. And back home there is still household violence…but this clip in Satya I can’t forget cos Bhikku Mhatre gets slapped back and it ends in a loving space

5. Empowered women are incredibly attractive (and so rarely portrayed in early bollywood)….Hazaro Khwaishein and Swades comes to mind (here’s Chitrangada in Hazaron….)

6. And there seems to be an alternate take on celebrating gender that Nimo bhai’s video manages to capture….celebrating women for being women….

7. Back in 1995, with a newly liberalized India, this is how the response to gender issues was…this pop video “Sambhalke” visualises Nariman Point in 2025 as being filled with working women

8. One of the instances of refined masculinity is Malvelo, this gaucho band from Argentina…this is what happens when power meets grace….

9. How about gender fluidity….(NSFW)

10. And to finally close this list, a total must watch on this subject is Nenette by Hannah Gadsby

Which videos would you include? What do you feel having gone through these….


28 Jan 2019: This morning’s invitation to you is to zoom out from here and now….to the larger journey of humanity….

It’s a privilege to be able to look across generations…and here are a few videos that always leave me ‘awe’struck

1. History of Humanity in 1 minute : A beautiful journey from the big bang to now….I always say that the last scene in this video is what is happening outside the screen (go figure;)

2. Nasadiya Sukta : Our ancestors had a lot of time to chill and reflect on the Universe….and this sukta captures the mystery so beautifully… still leaves me with a sense of wonder….

3. One of the wonders of life, our conception and birth captured in a beautiful 5 minute animation….imagine our journey to this planet…

4. Talvin Singh captures the cycle of creation-destruction-rebirth in this beautiful track “Ananta”….listen to the whole thing to experience the silence in between…this was the background track for Relead

5. The history of humanity shaped by the crazy-ones….in this beautiful apple ad

6. And who can forget the breathtaking views captured in Samsara — here’s only the trailer (in the same genre I would put Human, the movie)

7. And I wanna close with Animatrix, the second renaissance (Part I and II)….in capturing our response to the rise of AI, it makes you think about the future in a whole new way

Which ones would you add to the list?



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