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Women & Tolerance

I admire the patience and tolerance women have, when it comes to putting up with nonsense….

To sell more magazines, Deepika and Vogue turn feminism into a joke, a bundle of careless cliches.

Fact of the matter is — things are really screwed up for women — and we are allowing this to become advertising copy.

First, is this pressure to be beautiful — Our new set of Miss Indias, once again look like identical triplets — high cheek bones, light skinned, tall, thin and all of that. The Disney princesses all look the same. And no one has called for a ban on Fair and Lovely — their choice.

Then there is religion — getting away with blatant discrimination — not allowing women to enter places of worship, not letting them be at the helm of affairs, constituting God as “HE” when every single day we see women give birth to life…..

There is hope of course — in government, in corporates, there are a handful of women who manage to get to the top, but mostly on the terms dictated by patriarchy, matching the hours men put in and perhaps, thinking and acting like men.

Ah! if you are bringing up a baby, please head back home, we have no place for you in our productive economy…..oh yes, all home duties shall stay unpaid so forget about having any economic decision making power…..

Every day, we live in a world where women cannot be out at night alone (making them very obviously unequal), are subtly discriminated at home (and see their mothers being beaten up) and locked away against their own choice….and we see this as mostly normal.

How long do we plan to put up with this? How much more patience, tolerance to this inequality? How much more of the blame game?

Men don’t have a better deal (though it may seem so) — violence in any form hurts both the victim and the perpetrator….so we have men whose hearts cannot cry, who find it so hard to be vulnerable, and who hide their deepest pain….

Through small actions and huge movements, in thought and action, it is time for a new world….

Bahut ho gaya….



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