0x v3 — Bamboo Relay Upgrade

Dec 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Today we are pleased to announce that 0x version 3 is live on Bamboo Relay.

Important Note: As apart of the upgrade all outstanding version 2 orders have been cancelled.
Users that would like to trade still should create new orders to replace them.

Version 3 of the 0x protocol brings about a number of changes and features that aim to increase the liquidity of the protocol and incentivize key stakeholders.

Staking and Protocol Fees

One of the more exciting features of 0x v3 is the addition of staking pools for ZRX tokens.

Market makers are able to create staking pools, which then pay out a portion of the collected fees to users that stake alongside them.

To pay for this each 0x order now attracts a protocol fee for filling them, with the fees being redistributed back to the staking pools.

We expect the 0x staking interface to launch later this month to make it easier to setup and join pools.

Liquidity Bridges

Another highly anticipated feature of version 3 is the addition of liquidity bridges.

These allow for the subsumption of other on-chain liquidity sources in the 0x protocol.
For existing trading protocols such as Kyber, Oasis or Uniswap it is now possible to specify these as 0x orders and fill them seamlessly.

We expect to integrate these sources of liquidity into our order books in the coming weeks — and will keep the community updated once this is in place.

Relayer Fees

One last change worth pointing out is that v3 supports collection of relay fees in any token — instead of only in ZRX.

Effectively this means that a percentage can be charged against order for the maker and/or taker side.

Starting February 1, 2020 Bamboo Relay will be charging 0.1% maker and 0.2% taker fees on all orders originating from the website.
Orders originating via API will have no maker fees.

To keep track of these details see the fees page on the website for the latest information.

These are just a few of the changes, to see a more detailed list — and explanations — be sure to checkout the latest 0x update.

API Changes

If you currently use the Bamboo Relay APIs, please take note that these have had some minor changes made to bring them in line with v3.

You can find all of the documentation in our API section of the site.


For users currently using the Bamboo Relay connector for hummingbot, be aware that the connector wont function until our v3 changes are completed.

It’s expected that this process will take 1–2 weeks at most.

Website Updates

There have been a few minor improvements to the website UI as well in this update.

The trading page now has a ‘Change’ tab that follows the page down — this allows for swapping to a different pair without having to scroll back up to the top.

Additionally the Buy and Sell order lists have been swapped so that they align below the buy and sell forms as they are filled out.
The layout of these can be changed back via the settings page if desired.

Lastly a ‘Hide empty’ option has been added to filter out order books that are completely empty.

Finally, we would like to thank the entire 0x team for the amazing effort put towards delivering the new version of the protocol — and we look forward to making full use of its capabilities in the coming months!

Follow us on our website, twitter, medium, telegram or discord for the latest updates and developments

Bamboo Relay is a 0x and bZx relayer — trade, lend or borrow ERC20 tokens trustlessly from your own wallet.

Bamboo Relay

Bamboo is a 0x relayer — trade any ERC20 token.


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Bamboo Relay

Bamboo is a 0x relayer — trade any ERC20 token.

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