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The Theme Of The Week Is Balance

“Time and balance the two most difficult things to have control over, yet they are both the things that we do control.”

Peace and Love Bums!

If you are new here, Welcome to Earth To Bambzi!My name is Bambzi Ellis and we write unapologetically here; I’d love for you to stick around.

Quick check in: How was your week?: Did we set our goals for the new week? Did you finally finish the book you put aside for two months? Are we getting enough hours of sleep?

Are you caught up on content?

Let’s Catch Up!

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With weeks like this there isn’t much to catch up on for the week so we’ll recap the previous week as well. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter : @ bambziellis I made a post about a Part Two to a fiction piece I wrote based on a dream I had.

If you want to check it out, the first part is called Open Mic Night and the part two is called, Changing Tunes. Which in hindsight, I’m debating changing the title to “Switching Tunes.” Because doesn’t that sound more musical? Is that even appropriate grammar? More Musical? Anyway, just a thought, I have to think of a title for Part Three soon! as well as a name for the series.

I’ve also written an article this week; a quick update about content and deleting articles from my profile. Some of the articles I published were just fillers for the sake of being consistent. I didn’t like that for my publication. And I said I would delete some articles by the end of the week.

On to The Word of The Week: Balance

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.

-Joshua Osenga, 12 years a Cubicle Slave

The word balance has been revolving around my head lately. Only because now that I am pursuing hobbies as well as my job and my writing.I need to devote a significant amount of time for each one to be satisfied. And we all know I suck at time management.

I found this quote online, I didn’t realize it was a book. Though I still found it inspiring. It made me realize that when this shift started in my work environment, I put aside most of my hobbies. I wasn’t allowing myself to engage in them because I was wrapping my head around my work life 95% of the time and only 5% leisure or resting.

When you find yourself in a position like this, there’s often a desire for more time in a day. Only, that’s obviously impossible, you get the same 24 hours as every human being on the planet. And we have to find a sense of control for us to have a quality day, week, month or year with how much time we spend for work and play. So I’m going to learn to balance my hobbies and work better, (now that I have a bit more on my plate) so that I’m not always feeling like I’m running out of time. And finding myself in terrible moods because of it.

And The Q’s

What are some ways you managed to balance work with hobbies? Or better yet, What books (besides 12 Years a Cubicle Slave) would you recommend that relate to work/play balance? I would love to see your recommendations!

Until then, thank you for reading! Please subscribe because it helps! And I’ll be back next week!

Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.

-Robyn L. Gobin, The self-care prescription



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