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This is an email from Earth To Bambzi, a newsletter by Written By Bambzi.

The Theme of The Week Is Happiness

What does it mean to you?

Peace and Love Bums!

This, admittedly, was a rough week to come back to work, but here I am!

How is everyone doing? Did you accomplish a long term goal? Are you overcoming fears? Practicing your hobbies? Most importantly, are you caught up on content?

Catch Up!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Yes, I know there isn’t much to catch up on this week. But! I have made my post for my Wilmington travel story! Unfortunately, it was the only post I’ve made in time to connect with you all this week. Have you check it out yet? No? Click here for deets.

It was a trip way overdue and had an amazing time together. I made an effort to have a post or two scheduled out while I was away. Including the previous newsletter.

And yes, part two of Open Mic is still coming to you this week, fear not.

Now, Let’s Move On To The Theme Of The Week: Happiness.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Before I wrote out the newsletter for this week I meditated for thirty minutes. The speaker spent the duration of the session gifting affirmations. Affirmations about abundance, a new reality, words to encourage a better version of yourself.

A life that will make you happy. It was a powerful session; giving that I haven’t taken the time to meditate in a month. I could feel the energy of the affirmations. The energy that came from the video was so strong, I felt I had no choice but to write.

Every morning I write in a journal my morning and evening affirmations as well as letters to god or the universe; expressing my gratitude. I wrote my affirmations this morning. I wrote about the things that were making me happy recently. And I felt a strong sense to talk about it.

I Want To Know What Happiness Means To You?

Photo by Denise Jones on Unsplash

What does happiness mean to you? Spending time with loved ones. Or being alone. Maybe traveling, or going local for a quick adventure. Practicing a hobby perhaps? It’s the little things that can have the largest impact on your life.

Just having a quick ramble with you all; I was inspired by the trip I recently took with my family. I haven’t been doing enough to make me happy. It was always work, work, work for me. This week, I made the time to focus on things that made me happy. Watching scary movies. Eating food that’s not good for me. Listening to music from the early 2000’s. Braiding my hair. Taking pictures of myself. It has been so long since I took selfies that I actually enjoyed. I felt like myself again.

So I’m using this newsletter as a check-in: Earth To Bambzi’s Bums — Have you done anything that makes you happy this week? I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but you are responsible for your own happiness. People are bonuses. And it is an honor to be the reason someone is happier.

Sometimes, hard choices are going to be made for the sake of your happiness. Some sacrifices are going to have to happen. You may even have to cut ties with someone you think is responsible for your happiness. A lotus has to grow through the mud to bloom.

So I hope — as I sip my coffee in the late hours of tonight and write my gratitude into the fine pages of my journal — and lose myself in another book — that you’ve found or rediscovered something that makes you happy today.

And thank you, whole heartedly, for sticking through my random rambles and my ridiculous story times.

Until next Thursday!



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