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The Theme of The Week Is Staying Afloat

I took a break(again) and I’m back just in time for March




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Peace and Love, Bums!

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If you’re new here: My Name is Bambzi and Welcome To Earth To Bambzi!

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I hope everyone is doing well — as we roll into the end of February/ beginning of March.

Believe me I had every intention of writing more content in the last week or so but I have nothing to give you but —

excuses excuses excuses.


Let’s check in: How was your week? Are you treating yourself to self care day this Sunday? Getting ahead in work projects? Or better yet,

Are you caught up on my content?

Let’s Catch Up!

The only article I have for this week is miraculously the one I posted this evening about a new insecurity of mine — what my coworker’s think of my writing.

We’re always talking/ critiquing books we’ve read or new releases that come in and I try to take note of what everyone is saying to get an idea of likes/ dislikes so they wouldn’t be too harsh on me if I ever mustered the courage to have one of them read my writing.

God the sound of it makes me want to shrink.

But, if you would like to read my melt down, it’s here.

Staying Afloat

Photo by Dan Akuna on Unsplash

I made the theme of this week staying afloat because it’s pretty much all I’ve been trying to do this week — as well as last week.

If you noticed, I didn’t make an article at all, I even skipped a newsletter.

I can blame most of it on stress. Change of the tides in my personal life, as well as my work life.

And of course there’s the tragedy that is happening in the Ukraine right now. Which by the way, I’m learning a lot about right now.

It pays off to know what the hell is going on and know what the fuck you’re talking about. Because if you haven’t learned anything from the pandemic, is that false information can kill you. Knowledge is your best tool in this day and age.

It was easy to disregard events like these in the past — because I was a child. There was no need for my two cents. But for someone that is living in a time of war and a pandemic before thirty years old it would be wise to know some things.

Staying afloat for me has been: Watching the news — whether good or bad, Telling others how you’re doing even when you don’t feel like telling the truth, and creating content. Creating has been my saving grace.

I’m hoping that you all are finding ways to destress and take care of yourselves in these crazy times. And remembering to be grateful, because some of us are more fortunate than others at the moment.

Pray, if you normally do.

If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you so much for reading Earth To Bambzi this week.

Have a good morning, afternoon, or evening wherever you are and HOPEFULLY — I will see you next week in the new month with a new post!



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