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The Theme of This Week Is Love

(Happy Valentine’s Day)

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Peace and Love Bums!

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I hope everyone is doing well! Also — tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Which means the next day is half price candy day! Yay!

I’m kidding(sorta). I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day — whether you’re with someone you love or alone.

Honestly, you alone still counts as someone you love! So treat yourself!


Let’s check in: How was your week? Are you excited about Valentine’s Day? Do we expect any big teddy bears and roses from a special someone? Hosting a 24 hour romantic comedy marathon.

Better yet, are you caught up on content?

Let’s Catch Up!

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This week came and went — a lot calmer this go round.

I helped a coworker figure out what she wanted to get her partner for Valentine’s Day,

We did — however, have to call the police on a guy that kept coming into the library threatening people.

I should write a storytime on that, I haven’t done a work storytime in a while.

I did, however, write another Black History Month article this week!

I felt it seemed appropriate for it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

click the link here to read it!

Movies/TV Series I’m Watching

This week I have only one special for you and it’s a Netflix series.

I am finally got into The Woman Across The Street From The Girl In The Window.

Only because someone raved about it on Facebook. I watched a few episodes as I made content for Pinterest (which by the way, if you want to follow my Pinterest, you can click here for that.)

It’s crazier than I imagined, I’ll give it that. But I’m going to give it another chance. I needed a break from the delusions that woman was having — it was a mess.

I send my bravos to Kristen Bell for her performance. She’s brilliant as a drunk crazy lady.

So Let’s Talk About Self Love

I used to be one of those people that would loathe Valentine’s Day. Partially because no guy ever wanted to be my valentine.

It’s discouraging when you’re at the age of puberty and you start to like boys. (or girls).

I never got a real valentine in school growing up. It was either my teacher, or my parents. My brother is really sweet — he still buys valentine’s gifts for people and it’s adorable.

I’ve still never had a real valentine. I dated in college but they never lasted through Valentine’s Day.

My dad would always give my sister and I chocolates, flowers and teddy bears. When I was younger I would always think to myself, “My dad thinks I’m worth buy gifts for, why does no one else think that.”

Which is, a completely unhealthy way to think.

And I realized that, transitioning into my twenties. As long as you know you’re worth the things you want in life no one else matters.

Also — Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Romantic Relationships. Your Friendships Matter Too.

I have grown to place plutonic relationships on a high pedestal . On Valentine’s Day, I take the time to acknowledge my friends more.

Because they are a piece of my life that makes me — me. There’s something invaluable about family you choose.

Send a text or call reminding them that you love them.

It’s the least I do to let my friends know they matter.

Self Love

I’m a little ashamed to say, years and years of rejection from others wore me down to believe I was ugly, or not worth anyone’s time.

It makes you bitter and angry to see two people happy in love around you. It can make you sick, you know?

As an adult, you have to come to a realization that you don’t have to seek validation from others to know you are worth love. It is something that can be given to you — by you.

This Valentine’s Day I will make the efforts to relax, take time to do a skin care routine, draw a nice bath for myself and catch up on movies I’ve wanted to see for ages.

Because life is already hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself because you don’t have a spouse now. I know things happen the way they do for a reason and the right one will come to me one day.

Or I can be single the rest of my life. Either way is fine.

I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I hope it is full of love(either by others or yourself). I hope you have a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening when you read this —

And I will see you in my next post!



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