Bancryp goes to Switzerland and sponsors Crypto Valley Conference in Zug

Yes, we went to Switzerland, but we promise that we didn’t go to buy incredible watches or delicious Swiss chocolate. This country has enormous economic influence because of their big, or “small”, banks and regulations. However, Switzerland recently made a leap forward, increasingly becoming a world reference if the matter is Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We are connected with companies and professionals in the country, and sponsoring one of the biggest events in the field next to huge players in the market was an essential step for Bancryp.

Zug, a town also known as “Crypto Valley” hosted the event. The region is filled with huge companies like Ethereum and the country has many Blockchain and cryptocurrency startups being built. All of this is, in part, possible thanks to the support of the CVA (Crypto Valley Association) and the competent bodies that helped create licences or “good practice” manuals for companies that want to operate in the sector legally.

The event took place in June of 2018, and it was a crucial environment to strengthen bonds and find new partners that help Bancryp build one of the largest Brazilian projects in the field.

Check out these pictures from the event:

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