Introducing: Banders

Cecilie Dreyer
Jun 3, 2019 · 3 min read
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This week we are proud to launch the first release campaigns with Banders. This post will explore why we’re here and what we hope to achieve.

First things first. I think we can all agree that (most) bands are great at making music and telling good stories, but it can be challenging to get heard in our crowded digital sphere.

On the other hand, fans have the power to spread stories about bands and good music. They are also constantly looking for new ways to get access to the bands they love and want to participate in their journey in a more co-creative capacity.

So, why is it so difficult for bands to engage fans in the journey of promoting new music?

We’re here to help bands mobilise their fans in order to cut through the noise and give fans a chance to collaborate with their favourite band and the power to expand on the story.

A co-created campaign can de-risk the project and create a community context for the new release.

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Everything in the music industry starts with the relationship between the band and the fan. We believe the future of the music business is artist-led, thus, Banders will empower bands to take a more artist-friendly but commercially viable route to market.

Taking an artist-led approach, being able to effectively sustain an engaged audience is required from day one. 99% of audio streaming is of the top 10% most-streamed tracks. Which means less than 1% of streams account for all other music.

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Via our platform, bands can set up campaigns that invites fans to build upon existing core content, i.e, the fans can submit their interpretation of the band’s cover art or a reaction video directly to the campaign.

If the submission is approved, it is directly rewarded by the band and featured as an official content piece for the release, readily sharable across social media. Bands and fans can now co-create release campaigns in a ‘Do-It-Ourselves’ network via Banders.

Our Team

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Stay Tuned

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