Beta launch of Band Protocol and CoinHatcher

Announcing our beta CoinHatcher with full token integration with Band Protocol testnet

Soravis Srinawakoon
Apr 30 · 3 min read

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our closed beta for CoinHatcher and Band Protocol testnet. In the past three months, we have been busy pushing out a beta version of CoinHatcher and Band Protocol so everyone can utilize the tokens to curate the most reliable, crowdsourced data in the blockchain industry. We are starting with a simple feed of blockchain news and content in CoinHatcher.


CoinHatcher is currently live on testnet. This means everyone can start using the CoinHatcher token, bonded with Band token, to start proposing contents and voting on the best content on our platform.

CoinHatcher is fully equipped with in-browser wallet so regular users do not have to install a third party extension, which hinders a great user experience. Upon signing up, you will receive free CoinHatcher tokens to start participating in our data curation. In our testnet version, these tokens are not transferable to other addresses as they will be directly interchangeable with our native token after our mainnet launch in the next couple of months. They will however provide a real experience of our protocol and carry real financial value once our protocol is deployed on mainnet.

In-browser wallet users can immediately store and utilize tokens without any other setup

To maximize good user experience for mass adoption, we have also built an in-browser blockchain explorer such that users receive a human-readable message when they perform blockchain transactions. For example, every time users propose or vote on content, they will receive an in-browser blockchain confirmation that everyone understands. This allows them to understand how our contents are being updated when a blockchain confirmation has passed a certain threshold.

Over the next few weeks, we will be onboarding more users and initial curation partners so we have a trusted list of curator to start populating good content.

Users can sign a human-readable blockchain transaction
Users can view pending transaction while performing other tasks on the website

Band App

Band App is our go-to-portal to manage each community token. All of the CoinHatcher tokens is bonded with Band testnet token. You can perform an exchange between CoinHatcher and Band token through a bonding curve shown in the Band App. However, these tokens are not transferable until mainnet and KYC approval. You can start exploring our bonding curve and blockchain data directly in our Band App.

Band Protocol Testnet

All of our smart contracts are currently live on Rinkeby testnet so you can already start building your dataset on top of our protocol. One example is a curated registry of blockchain content that is integrated into CoinHatcher. You can view our technical documentation to get started.

While we are building out our testnet, we also gain many insights on how to position our protocol for wider usages. We will be releasing more detail and tools in the coming weeks. If you are a developer looking to start building data and application on top of our protocol, please contact us at and our team will get in touch as soon as possible.


Band Protocol

Soravis Srinawakoon

Written by

CEO and Co-Founder of Band Protocol, Stanford CS and MS&E

Band Protocol

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