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Binance X Fellow Incognito Partners with Band Protocol to Enable Private BAND & Complex Trading Functionalities

We are excited to work with Incognito to enable private BAND transactions and also integrate Band Protocol’s oracles to bring complex trading functionalities such as conditional and limit orders to the private exchange.

Incognito is an open-source project dedicated to building a decentralized platform for private transactions of any token through their proof-of-stake sidechain. Incognito utilizes linkable ring signatures, stealth addresses, and confidential transactions to completely mask the sender, receiver, and amount of any transaction.

Band Protocol and Incognito have entered a partnership to integrate Band’s oracles to bring complex trading functionality such as conditional and limit orders to Incognito’s private decentralized exchange. This marks a huge step towards the innovation of the decentralized exchange space as a whole by improving the user experience to be similar to the leading centralized exchanges we know today.

We hope that introducing privacy to existing cryptonetworks, cryptocurrencies and services today will play a considerable part in encouraging adoption beyond the crypto niche. For all investors who have hesitated to expose how much they trade, or hesitated to give up their identifying information, they now have another option. We’re glad to welcome the BAND to the Incognito ecosystem, and glad to be able to offer the choice of privacy to their community.

Duy Huynh, Co-Founder & Project Lead of Incognito.

We’re are also thrilled to bring private BAND to our community by listing Band on Incognito’s private decentralized exchange. Band Protocol supports the fundamental right to privacy in the digital world and is excited to bring more utility to the BAND token in collaboration with Incognito.

“We are looking forward to help Incognito bring privacy back to the users and redefine the functionality of decentralized exchanges through a close collaboration in oracle usage and enable advanced trading functionality.”

Soravis Srinawakoon, Co-Founder & CEO of Band Protocol.

Going forward, we’re delighted to work closely with another South-East Asian project in the blockchain space and bring our oracle another step closer to mass adoption.

About Incognito
Incognito is a platform for privacy tokens, powered by its own proof-of-stake sidechain that attaches to any blockchain to confidentially transfer crypto assets. Developers can also easily create their own privacy tokens on Incognito.

Incognito utilizes zero-knowledge proofs optimized for mobile and achieves near-instant transaction speeds through state sharding.

About Band Protocol
Band Protocol is a data oracle platform building the data layer of the Web 3.0. It provides an accurate information feed from community-curated data providers that allows blockchains to access trusted data from outside of the network. This solution is particularly important for the execution of smart contracts, that are triggered by off-chain occurrences. It is open, decentralised and does not rely on third party services. Band Protocol makes dApp (decentralised applications) development simple and allows developers to tap into trusted data sources by integrating a basic line of code.

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Secure, Scalable, Cross-chain Decentralized Oracle for Web 3.0

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