Introducing CoinHatcher — a portal for everything crypto

Todsadol Rungswang
Oct 15, 2018 · 4 min read

Today Band Protocol is announcing the alpha version release of CoinHatcher — the first application built on top of Band Protocol.

Crypto market information is fragmented and unreliable

If you have been in the crypto market, even for a short while, you know that it is unlike any other market you have ever experienced before — 24/7 trading, volatility, personalities, announcement of announcement, and lack of regulations, just to name a few. As the market gets more attention from the public, it also attracts nefarious operators. Scams become more prevalent with straight up fake founder’s profiles and copied whitepapers being one of the latest schemes to part investors from their money.

It can be overwhelming for average investors to discern what information is true let alone making sense of what is happening in the market and the projects they are following. We think the difficulties can be summarized into two main issues:

Contents come in various forms and channels: unlike traditional assets, valuable crypto information come in all shapes and sizes — Medium article, Tweet, YouTube video, press release, news article, podcast, etc. — making it very tedious and time-consuming for crypto enthusiast to follow and sift through the content to have a well-informed picture of the market.

Unreliable data: majority of the contents are produced and curated by a centralized party. While this method has worked well in the past, we have seen that it is increasingly becoming more unreliable. These entities have their own agendas and incentives which lead them to show information that might not be in the best interest of the user and community. Even data from a popular websites such as Coinmarketcap is sometimes called into question for its accuracy — e.g., circulating supply, weighted price, trade volume on exchanges, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portal which gives you access to the most relevant and trusted crypto content — all in one place?

Together, we are the solution!

If crypto is to move to the next level, it needs to “drain the swamp” of fake news, misinformation, and scams. As an ecosystem that believes in decentralization, who else is better to do this job if it’s not US — the crypto community members! We at CoinHatcher believes that we all, coming together, has the power to affect change and bring legitimacy back to our space. We all have skin in the game, and we stand to benefit when our community become more honest and rid itself of the bad elements. We hope you join us in this effort!

Introducing CoinHatcher

CoinHatcher is a global, decentralized portal for everything crypto related that will help users at all experience level gain insights on the crypto market efficiently. We aim to become your # 1 trusted source of information for Blockchain ecosystem by providing you with:

Market insights: We curate the most important development in the market for you using a combination of smart algorithm, team of analysts, 3rd party partners, and community input. We understand that in crypto market, the latest info that help you with your trade can come in the form of a tweetstorm, reddit post, or a medium article, so we are comprehensive in our curation to make sure you never miss the next important thing.

Project insights: in-depth information and insights on crypto projects. We provide all the info you need about a crypto project, ranging from tokenomics, community strength, development progress, to adoption. To help you do research more effectively, data is presented with context through bench-marking and comparison with peers in a visually appealing way. We also venture to gather information that are harder to find get as development timeline and partnerships.

Factual directory: We are creating a “Yellow Pages” for crypto. You will be able to browse and get information on people, project, exchanges, funds, and tools, etc. Our directory will be the ultimate reference database for the crypto community.

Portfolio: Allow you to track the performance of your holdings. Adding your holdings on our platform would allow us to serve better content to you and the rest of the community.

Incentive system: Combining Band Protocol and the use of gamification, we are creating a novel incentive system that encourage you to help curate quality content, police misinformation, and engage with the platform. Contributors will have an aligned incentive with platform growth and usage.

What is in the alpha?

While we have an ambitious vision for our final product, we want to get it in front of you as soon as we can to start getting feedback and improve our product to serve you best. In alpha version, we will have the following functionalities:

Market Insights: Contents curated in alpha with the ability for users to vote and comment on them

Project Insights: Basic information on project and key individuals associated with the project

Factual Directory: Searchable directory of project and people in crypto ecosystem

Portfolio: basic functionality to add / remove coins to track your holdings with real-time price update

So please go ahead and give it a try at !

About Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a decentralized data curation protocol with a mission to make trusted and reliable information readily accessible to everyone. Through token staking and bonding curve mechanism, we incentivize data submission and verification at scale. To learn more about Band Protocol, please visit

Question & Comments:

We can be reached through for questions and comments

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