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Multiple Award-Winning Validator Node A-Team Partners With Band Protocol

Band Protocol has strategically partnered with one of Korea’s top validators, Node A-Team, who have been awarded nine validator rewards and milestones to date across top blockchain networks Cosmos, IRISnet, Terra, Kava, E-Money, Orbit, Solana and IOV. Node A-Team has over $8M in total staked value and consistently ranks in the top 25 as a leading validator on Cosmos.

Node A-Team is a global top-tier blockchain validator that provides reliable staking infrastructure for institutional and retail delegators as well as contributing to the Cosmos ecosystem and having their own ATOMs to maintain economic incentives. Their team was proven to have one of the highest security standards with a TIA Tier 3 certification data center and operation efficiencies globally through its performance in Game of Stakes, Cosmos’ incentivized testnet.

Here are some of Node A-Team’s rewards and milestones to date:

  • Cosmos Game of Stakes “Never Jailed Group”
  • Terra Genesis Drill Rank #3
  • IRISnet Nyancat Testnet: All tasks completed — Full score
  • Kava Founder Member Badge
  • IOV Validator Candidate TOP 5
  • E-Money Reward Program — Full reward recipient
  • Solana Tour De Sol — Bug Bounty Recipient
  • LINO Network Validator Prize Winner Top 7
  • Akash Network Founding Member Challenge Winner

“To make decentralized applications become really useful, the real-world data which is used within those applications must be trustworthy and accurate. We are confident that Band Protocol will set a new standard for decentralized data oracle design leveraging their ability to meet real-time data requests and end-to-end customizability.”
Jeeuk Lim, Operations & Communications of Node A-Team

“Band Protocol is excited to have the support of a top-tier Cosmos validator, Node A-Team, alongside for the BandChain mainnet launch. Our teams will work closely to enhance the security and global presence of Band Protocol by leveraging Node A-Team’s extensive network in the Cosmos and Korean blockchain ecosystem.”
Soravis Srinawakoon, CEO & Co-Founder of Band Protocol

Node A-Team will be supporting secure $BAND staking through their globally diversified sentry node and data center architectures which connect to as many high-quality peers as possible while also eliminating any single points of failure.

We are excited to have Node A-Team onboard to help Band Protocol connect smart contracts to any external data source of API, unlocking the next wave of decentralized applications to be built in a trustless and secure manner.

About Node A-Team
Node A-Team is a top-tier dPoS validator service based in South Korea with the record of winning awards from incentivized testnets, including Game of Stakes. Node A-team has been focused on creating the most efficient and secure infrastructure since 2018, especially for Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint-based chains, to allow anyone to safely delegate their crypto assets without the risk of downtime or slashing. Currently, Node A-Team is a validator for 9 different blockchains including Band Protocol.

Website | Medium | Twitter

About Band Protocol
Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Blockchains are great at immutable storage and deterministic, verifiable computations — however, they cannot securely access data available outside the blockchain networks. Band Protocol enables smart contract applications such as DeFi, prediction markets, and games to be built on-chain without relying on the single point of failure of a centralized oracle. Band Protocol is backed by a strong network of stakeholders including Sequoia Capital, one of the top venture capital firms in the world, and the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Reddit | Github




Secure, Scalable, Cross-chain Decentralized Oracle for Web 3.0

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