Learn-Achieve-Succeed: 7 learning tips from Talent Development Senior Specialist that will make you Smarter

When you were a child and out having fun, you probably weren’t thinking much about the future. After all, there are candy and cartoons to enjoy.

Meet Rezwanul

“I was never much focused when I was young. I played a lot of football, and actually became good at it when I was at school. But I never tried to become a professional footballer. I’ve learned from passing up that, for something better” notes Rezwanul.

That’s some good perspective from Rezwanul, the Talent Development Senior Specialist at Banglalink. First, have focus. Second, if you learn from the past, you can create a better future.

Here are seven more learning tips from Rezwanul:

1. Know which way to turn

Let’s return to that point about having focus on your needs and goals. You need to if you’re going to learn.

“I’m managing all the learning and development initiatives at Banglalink. The first thing I always do is analyze and identify learning needs. We have to tailor the learning content to what our employees actually need,” says Rezwanul.

That’s a good point. Find where you need to improve, and personalize your learning strategy accordingly.

With the team playing cricket and table tennis

2. Make a learning recipe

Have you ever taken a class that was all lectures?

Chances are you were captivated some days, but bored the next (go ahead and yawn!). What’s interesting is that research shows that lectures aren’t as effective as using a blended learning strategy.

Rezwanul utilizes such a learning strategy at Banglalink. He uses the 70:20:10 learning model.

This holistic learning approach not only offers different ways to acquire knowledge and skills, but is actually based off the way people learn. According to this learning theory, 70 percent of learning is experiential, 20 percent is social, and 10 percent is formal.

“With the 70:20:10 model, 70 percent of learning is through challenging job assignments. 20 percent is through mentoring and coaching. And 10 percent of learning is traditional learning. It’s a blended strategy that allows people to learn more effectively.”

By tailoring this model to the needs of his employees, Rezwanul can implement a relevant learning experience that actually delivers results — and makes people jump for joy, rather than yawn.

With the HR team and the football teams

3. Care + Growth = Great Leader

Let’s talk about Google. Knowing that good managers have happier and more productive employees, Google carried out research to see what qualities and behaviors make a good manager.

Called the Oxygen Project, Google found its most effective managers have eight habits in common, which are:

  1. They’re good coaches.
  2. They’re concerned for team members’ well-being and success
  3. They’re results-oriented and productive
  4. They’re good communicators
  5. They empower — not micromanage
  6. They help with career development
  7. They have a clear vision/strategy
  8. They have relevant technical skills

Obviously, there is an element of caring for subordinates and making sure they grow professionally and individually. Rezwanul’s learning agenda implements these ideas when training managers and executives at Banglalink. He explains:

“At Banglalink, we’ve chosen the Care and Growth model, which was developed by Etsko Schuitema, a famous leadership consultant. I’m coordinating the project and our top execs and managers are learning how to use this framework. The big idea is that, if we care for our team members and help them grow, the business will succeed.”
With Etsko Schuitema

4. There are many ways to cross a river

Think about how you would cross a river. You could build a bridge, make a boat, swim, or fly (like a superhero).

Anyway, what’s the point here?

You can create your own path. Just learn from the moment and make moves that suit you. Rezwanul’s career shows this.

After studying business at North South University in Bangladesh, Rezwanul worked for another telecom company, where he learned a lot about employer branding and how to sell a brand to candidates. After that, he worked in talent acquisition at a major thread manufacturer. In 2014, he joined Banglalink as a senior executive in the recruitment team.

“All of these experiences in employer branding and recruitment made me much more knowledgeable and interested in how employees develop. This enabled me to bridge into the learning and development role I have now at Banglalink,” states Rezwanul.
The Care & Grow partcipants

5. Don’t run through tunnels

Well, sometimes you actually have to go through a tunnel. But the meaning here is that you can’t be too narrow in how and what you learn.

“During my O/A levels, I actually studied physics and economics. While I chose the business path at university, having knowledge in different subjects has helped. And I’m still constantly learning new things, everyday” attests Rezwanul.

Having a variety of skills is crucial in today’s world, as it can help you connect things and relate to people better. Learning many different things also makes you a better learner — which is vital in a world where lifelong learning is increasingly necessary to have success.

“To have success, you must be curious about learning new things, especially relevant technical skills. You must network well because it opens up opportunities. You should also have a positive mindset, along with the desire to consistently improve yourself.”

6. Brand yourself

Ask Rezwanul for career advice. He’ll highlight the importance of having a personal brand.

“I’ve seen many graduates that have the right skills, but can’t sell themselves. You must be able to show you stand out from the pack — you must personally brand yourself,” says Rezwanul.

That’s some solid advice. In addition to learning actual skills, you need to learn what differentiates you — and sell that.

7. Capture the VSCO moment

Have you ever used VSCO? It’s quite the photography app.

“I love digital photography. I love all you can do with VSCO. I’m always using it to capture cool things,” exclaims Rezwanul.

Rezwanul’s interest in capturing the moment brings us to another point about learning: Take advantage of what’s going on now — because you learn from what’s right in front of you.

Awesomeness from Rezwanul Instagram account.

Now, Rezwanul has given you seven learning tips. With the proper mindset and approach, you can go out and learn what you need to achieve your goals. So go do that…like right now.

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