How to Be a Sales Champion and Get to the Top: Advice from a B2B Sales Expert

“To be a good salesperson, you must learn and adapt quickly to sustain growth,” emphasizes Fahmidul. “This is especially true at Banglalink, as telco is changing fast and the competition is constantly improving.”

To succeed in today’s business world, you must stay on your toes, ready to learn new things. Slow and steady doesn’t win the race like it does in The Tortoise and The Hare. Fast and steady does.

To ensure you’re the best you can be, we’ve gathered more tips from our talk with Fahmidul. These pieces of advice will help you be a better salesperson (everybody’s a salesperson!). And they’ll help you have success in whatever you do.

1. Build something as beautiful as the Ahsan Manzil

Imagine if you built something as historic as Ahsan Manzil, the must-see pink palace in Dhaka. Of course, the creation of this gorgeous piece of architecture started with a vision. Once it was built, that wasn’t the end; to make sure the palace shines forever, it needs to be cared for and updated.

Fahmidul’s career at Banglalink highlights the value in building from scratch — and then continually improving upon what you’ve built. He started with the company in 2005. During his long time at Banglalink, Fahmidul has had numerous roles. He first worked as an account executive and manager before becoming the corporate group manager. Then, he became head of data, corporate solutions and financial segment for the B2B Unit.

When describing his work at Banglalink, Fahmidul says:

“When I started, I was immediately able to inject my own ideas. I loved the challenge of growing with Banglalink from the ground. I’ve learned so much about sales along the way, and am happy that I’ve helped the company grow. Now, Banglalink plays a big role in the Bangladesh economy and is helping to improve the lives of people.”

Banglalink now has more than 33 million customers and is one of the fasting growing operators in the world. But it’s not time to sit and be satisfied. Fahmidul knows there’s more work to be done.

“I’ve stayed with Banglalink because I’m still learning new things,” notes Fahmidul . “Everything’s changing quickly in telco, from tech to customer demands. We’re constantly reinventing, and new journeys are always beginning. I feel fresh and alive every day at Banglalink.”

Like Fahmidul describes, there is simply nothing like building from scratch. Go paint your masterpiece — but don’t stop when it appears finished. Keep making it better.

With the B2B teams

2. Knocking on doors is cool, but you can get there faster

Knocking on doors can teach you a lot about interacting with potential clients. But instead of risking getting the door slammed in your face (nobody wants that!), you can knock on the right doors.

Thankfully, with technology, you can skip those unpromising doors. At Banglalink, Fahmidul finds the right doors by utilizing data.

“We have customer segments based off territories. Our B2B teams are analyzing data and finding ways to tailor solutions,” describes Fahmidul. “We preach being customer-obsessed, so our account managers must be 100-percent clear on client needs and wants.”

For Fahmidul’s B2B team, targeting customers also includes using social media. After all, social selling is the new way to find and nurture relationships with potential clients.

“In my personal network, I share industry insights and updates on what’s happening,” says Fahmidul. “It’s a good way for clients to learn about me.”

While Fahmidul jokes that he doesn’t share details on what Banglalink’s doing, he does see being active on social media as a way to keep his B2B team at the front of potential customers’ minds. He says it helps customers remember he’s there if they need his help.

3. Don’t try to stand with your feet in two boats

There’s a Bengali proverb that warns against trying to stand with your feet in two boats. Because if you do that, you’ll fall in deep water.

The grand meaning is that you shouldn’t do too many things or take on too much at once. You need to slow down occasionally and enjoy life.

“If there’s one thing I would tell my younger self, it would be to step back and just enjoy life!” exclaims Fahmidul. “I make a point to do that now because I need it. I go to movies with my family, play football and cricket with friends, and attend concerts.”

At home, Fahmidul also takes time to enjoy the simple pleasures, like food. Make him some Kacchi Biryani, and he’ll be all smiles.

Smile — you’re almost there

When you ask Fahmidul to reflect on his career, he confidently says, “I’m extremely proud to have helped develop the telco industry in Bangladesh. My ideas have not only helped shaped Banglalink, but have had a role in enhancing the lives of tens of millions in Bangladesh.”

At the end of the day, you can reflect on your work and life with similar pride. Take Fahmidul’s advice to heart, stay persistent, and you’ll get there.

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