Impersonating next RBI Governor!

Received this image by email early morning today. On checking, we have realized that this is an old email scam in the name of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is amusing to get this email in the name of Mr Urjit Patel when he hasn’t yet become the RBI Governor. Good to note that RBI has already cautioned public on this. Considering the fact that cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate in India, use of commonsense by public even if they don’t know much about these things would help them not to be a victim of such crimes. Referring to the above image, here are some clues that would help one figure out that it is a scam:

  1. Sender information and subject of email look suspicious.
  2. Use of hotmail email.
  3. Mention of British Government and British Diplomat.
  4. Use of word “Lottery”.
  5. Mention of Mr Urjit Patel when he hasn’t yet become RBI Governor.
  6. Mention of UN Secretary General’s name.
  7. Asking confidential details of the recipient.
  8. Specifying a non-working website link.
  9. The amount of money.
  10. The unprofessional style of the whole message.
  11. Lastly, nobody wants to give tons of money for free!

Even if the message is prepared more professionally and displayed on a website with rbi in its name somewhere, one should not blindly trust it. In other words, don’t let the greed take over commonsense.

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