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Bankless 🤝 MetaFactory collaboration


  • 👕 Bankless DAO and Metafactory are teaming up to produce scarce crypto apparel that will be sure to MELT FACES 🔥
  • 🗓 Apparel drops will happen monthly! First drop on May 17th 2021
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Bankless is dropping new swag with MetaFactory every month… starting now!

Bankless DAO is teaming up with MetaFactory to produce the most EXCELLENT BANKLESS SWAG possible, in an effort to help perpetuate bankless culture, and to increase the surface area that crypto inhabits in the real, physical world.

We crypto natives can’t stop talking about crypto. And now, we’ll have a way to not stop wearing crypto too.

The first drop happens May 17th.

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You want a sneak peak of the first drop don’t ya? Check the bottom of this post.

The Collaboration

At Bankless, we’re on a mission to perpetuate crypto culture.

We believe crypto-culture is product-market fit, and deserves to be mainstreamed into the public consciousness.

Crypto culture is tight.

But presently, crypto culture has an expression problem. It’s stuck in the digital world. Our memes are hilarious, but they only exist on the internet. Our friends are amazing, but they’re only inside of Discord.

Our culture is tight, but so far it’s only virtual.

Bankless wants to export crypto culture, and we’re teaming up with MetaFactory to get this done 💪

Meet MetaFactory 🤖

MetaFactory sits at the intersection of community, culture and finance. It is a bridge through which online worlds connect to the physical worlds via unique apparel and brand experiences that are designed, curated and owned by the community.

Artists of all types are invited to create products that promote their art, community, project, protocol, token, etc. They abstract away all the logistics with our network of fashion houses and production partners in California and Sweden, so creators can focus on their craft while MetaFactory facilitates creation, fulfillment, sales and support.

MetaFactory has been the organization behind some of the DOPEST SWAG in the crypto-space.

Unlike traditional apparel suppliers (think fast-fashion outlets like Gap, Uniqlo, Zara), MetaFactory understands the importance of scarcity with apparel. When you buy and wear a piece of MetaFactory merch, you have scarcity assurances about what you are wearing.

MetaFactory merch is designed for life.

Meet Bankless 🏴

Bankless DAO is a decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi through media, culture, and education.

We want a money system by the people and for the people. We want to propagate crypto media and culture.

We want to help the world go bankless.

The Bankless 🤝 MetaFactory collaboration

This partnership allows Bankless to export memes and culture to real world swag. Swag is an unexplored frontier of crypto, and MetaFactory and Bankless are charging into this frontier by re-inventing what apparel and brand identity can be, using lessons taught by crypto-economics.

This is Bankless DAO’s first DAO-to-DAO partnership, and we’re stoked about our ability to collaborate with MetaFactory to help export crypto-culture to the world!

Here’s the message…

When Bankless + MetaFactory make a new drop, you better cop it quick, or else you might never be able to get your hands on some dope merch.

🤖 Crypto economic incentives

MetaFactory has a token ($ROBOT), and the token is currently in its distribution phase. ROBOT will be distributed to those who buy MetaFactory + Bankless swag! More details on ROBOT distribution will be provided in the first drop on May 17th. 🚀

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Sneak peak of our first drop…

Remember April Fools, 2021? The Bank + Bankless collaboration is the most iconic team-up that will never be. Soon…you can wear the meme.

That’s all we’ll say for now. Get notified.

Image by @paintwithalex


👉 Subscribe to Culture & Apparel to get notified when drop 1 is live


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