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Collaborations Empowering a Billion People to Go Bankless

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More than 2 billion people worldwide still don’t have access to a bank account. This seriously inhibits their ability to start and run a business, save money, and use many tools on the internet. This challenge is further amplified in the crypto world, where the initial cost of participation is reasonably high. BanklessDAO is working to change all of this by partnering with humanDAO to launch an innovative income-sharing model.

What is humanDAO?

humanDAO is a social impact DAO, setting out to create a public good. Their mission is purposefully broad and yet quite focused: to improve lives through crypto. Over 2 billion people in underserved communities live on less than $5/day. humanDAO is creating opportunities in crypto for these communities to earn 2x-10x that amount, all while creating profound new revenue streams for their community and investors.

humanDAO provides a perspective for society to rethink the design and implementation of an opportunity-driven culture. Transparent, open, and designed to run without relying on donations, this is charity meets Web3. The humanDAO functions as a jobs board, education center, and an opportunity zone for those wishing to onboard to the metaverse and beyond.

How Does humanDAO Work?

humanDAO uses blockchain technology to safely and securely connect people to crypto-assets they do not have the means to access with their income. It’s a win-win. The rise of blockchain gaming and the metaverse has unlocked new gaming models such as play-to-earn (P2E). P2E models offer gamers the chance to win or farm in-game tokens held on open blockchains. One hurdle for people to play these games is usually the initial investment required to buy the P2E NFT’s/ tokens that allow participation in the game.

For example, in the popular P2E game, Axie Infinity, a player needs to own a minimum of 3 Axies to play the game. These Axies currently trade for more than $200 each. A powerful Axie might even cost up to $400. This cost is prohibitive for many people to be able to participate in these games.

This is where humanDAO comes in — humanDAO buys these assets (NFT’s / Tokens) and lends them to people to play, giving them access to opportunities to earn cryptocurrency without the upfront cost of investing.

humanDAO already has thousands of members who currently earn less than $5/day. The DAO plans to airdrop $HDAO tokens to the Discord community — many of whom have never been exposed to blockchain technology — to educate themselves about crypto. This “community mining program” means that anyone can gain equity in the project and have a say in the DAO’s governance and direction.

DAO members then have the opportunity to become a scholar where they can borrow P2E assets such as Axies. The players keep the bulk of the earned rewards (70%). The DAO also has managers who will train and onboard newcomers to the metaverse. These managers will get 15% of the earnings while the remaining balance of 15% will go to humanDAO.

Through its scholarship program, humanDAO is already lending hundreds of digital assets to its community of over 15,000 gamers. This enables the community to earn living wages from P2E games and creates a lucrative revenue stream for the DAO.

humanDAO x BanklessDAO Partnership

humanDAO is uniquely aligned with BanklessDAO’s vision of onboarding a billion people to open money systems. The humanDAO plans to use the power of crypto and Web3 to grow the global middle class — by pulling the 61% of the global population who are on low incomes or living in poverty into a higher income bracket. To ensure the model is sustainable, humanDAO will also provide new yield opportunities for people already in the higher income bracket.

The agreed partnership between BanklessDAO and humanDAO will include the transfer of a total of five million $HDAO tokens to BanklessDAO: 500K liquid $HDAO tokens at launch and 93,750 $HDAO tokens vested every month for 48 months after a one year cliff. In addition, humanDAO will utilize the social weight of BanklessDAO to spread awareness, use DEGEN for POAP distribution, collaborate with builders and contributors, and will also have a prominent member of BanklessDAO on the humanDAO treasury multi-signature wallet.

This partnership will move both BanklessDAO and humanDAO one step closer to achieving our shared mission of helping millions of people go bankless. Together, we will help these people and be active contributors to building out the Metaverse and improving lives through crypto.

P2E is Just The Start

According to Christopher Chase, founder of humanDAO, investors and participants should not view humanDAO solely as a P2E opportunity. The humanDAO will utilize any crypto platform to feed its revenue stream while generating benefits for low-income people.

For humanDAO, P2E assets are a quick win and just the start of the journey. Their north star is to improve lives for those in underserved markets using the technological innovation of crypto and Web3. The core pillars through which they will achieve their mission are:

  • Wages: humanDAO will leverage P2E and new emerging business models to provide income through gig and job opportunities in the metaverse and beyond.
  • Education: humanDAO will incentivize learning about crypto and web3. They will create learning modules that require engagement to learn effectively. They will use tools such as airdrops and tokenomics to onboard people as official DAO stakeholders.
  • Feed: humanDAO will utilize a portion of the revenue stream to provide meals through partnerships with organizations such as United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).
  • Fund: humanDAO will use the treasury of the DAO to do microlending to fund projects by the underserved and for the underserved. Any member of the DAO will be able to submit proposals. The DAO will vote on these proposals, and successful proposals will be funded.

How Can You Participate?

humanDAO’s call to action is for investors and early participants to join the DAO and spread the word. The majority (55%) of tokens are allocated to the community to incentivize early adopters and provide for growth, education, and retention. This percentage is unique, as is the fact that humanDAO will lock these tokens in a 10-year vesting schedule. humanDAO is setting out to create a long-term public good. By having this long-term view, humanDAO will have tokenomics to support new communities as they come online and not just skew the DAO towards early crypto adopters.

To maintain a fair launch, humanDAO is using a token launch auction on December 1st, 2021 through Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBP) on Copper. Investors will be able to participate in the auction from either the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon chain using $USDC. As well as $USDC to exchange for $HDAO, participants will need a Web3 wallet with Ethereum (ETH) for gas costs if participating on Mainnet or MATIC for gas costs if participating on Polygon.

humanDAO is not looking for private investors such as venture capital firms but instead going directly to the community and building this project from the bottom up. To this end, humanDAO is rewarding all early adopters who participate in the public token launch. Although details are yet to be released, 10M tokens will be used in a 20% rewards bonus program for those who participated in the launch and still hold $HDAO tokens at that time.. You can refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to participate in the launch.

Check out the links below for more information, and please help us spread the word far and wide. BanklessDAO is proud to support humanDAO on this shared mission of ours!

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