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Perpetual Protocol Fosters DeFi Growth

Spotlight Analysis on Perpetual Protocol Grant Recipients (Part 1)

“Apex Win Ape playing with Money legos thinking about Perpetual Protocol”. Cover by Cosmic Clancy.
  • Apex Win
  • Perpetual Terminal
  • Perpetual Community Bot

Apex Win — Decentralized Derivatives

  • Leverage the interoperability of the protocol (e.g. user will buy arbitrum PERPs and options in the same place)
  • Provide an alternative front end to Perpetual Protocol (in order to grant a more intuitive presentation layer)
  • Increase smart contract functionality, e.g., sub accounts and managed accounts, synthetic cross margins, (all thanks to the open source nature of the perpetual smart contracts)
APEX Win’s Advanced Perpetual Exchange

Perpetual Terminal — Vipin.eth

  • Personal trade stats
  • Public trade stats (to study the strategy of successful traders)
  • Comprehensive volume, profits, and losses, and
  • Frequency of trades across various time periods
Trading Activity on the Perpetual Terminal.

Perpetual Community Bot — JamesCliffyz

Forward slash /chart: command brings up Funding over last seven days on protocol.
Total Staking Rewards provided by Community Bot
Trader Profile provided by Perpetual Protocol Community Bot.

Perpetual Outlook



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