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Samantha Marin
2 min readFeb 20, 2022


Credit: Dippudo

BanklessDAO is an education and media engine dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial independence. Our DAO produces a variety of media and content, builds DAO tooling and Discord integrations, provides consulting services to other DAOs and Web3-native companies, and serves as a locus of culture and creativity in the DAO space.

The Editorial and Publishing Arm (EPA) of BanklessDAO runs this Medium page, which functions as the voice of the DAO. We publish writers from across the Web3 ecosystem and pair their articles with high-quality art from bDAO designers. Everything you read here is the result of our decentralized publishing house, the first of its kind.

Any writer at any time can submit an unpublished, crypto-related piece to be considered by the Editorial and Publishing Arm of BanklessDAO. Submission does not guarantee publication, but it does mean your piece will be read and reviewed by our team. If your piece is chosen for publication it will receive both content and copy edits, and you will be remunerated for your efforts in the BANK token.

Please submit a piece that is:

  • 1,500–3,000 words.
  • Polished and free of errors. That means it’s not your first draft, but your third, fourth, or twelfth.
  • Unpublished elsewhere.
  • Your own, original work.
  • Related to the crypto and/or Web3 space.
  • More than just a summary of information. Your piece should assert an argument, defend an idea, or posit a new way of looking at an issue.

Once you have verified that your piece fits these criteria, submit it to this Google Form:

We will be in touch within ten days to acknowledge receipt. We look forward to reading your work!

— the EPA



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