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New Year, New Me — Bankse

With the start of this new year we’re proudly presenting Bankse in a new, minimalistic and exclusive way.

We’ve been working very intensively and quietly, to create a Premium Mobile Bank for people who truly desire to grow their wealth and make immense changes to their financial situation. Bankse is a unique solution that will empower its members to take control of their finances and grow their wealth daily.

Thoughtfully designed to help all members understand how money works and allow them to grow their wealth in many ways, by saving money, investing money and even by spending money on everyday things. Building these products required a lot of planning, analysing and dedication.

We’ve quietly developed them and fixed all issues that other financial institutions make. We don’t want to slave our members with loans, credits, apply interest and hidden fees like other institutions. We want to make a positive impact on our members financial life and truly help them grow their wealth. That’s why we’ve applied multiple changes to our products and brand.

We’ve redesigned Bankse logo

We want to express what Bankse really is and what it will mean for its members. With Bankse you can be (B_) anyone you want to be. You can B_Happy, B_Wealthy and most importantly B_Successful.

We’ve changed to a .com domain.

Our early focus was mostly on the Spanish market, that’s why we’ve launched our previous landing page under domain. However we’ve received great support and feedback from people from all over Europe, that’s why we will no longer only focus on the Spanish market, but we will serve members from all over Europe. Therefore we’ve changed our domain to with a global extension.

We’re preparing a minimalistic and exclusive website.

With our new products and more benefits for our members, we’ve also decided to completely change our official website to a more minimalistic and exclusive design. Once you enter our new website, social media pages or mobile app you will feel truly premium, like a member of a Private Members Club, not a client in another mobile bank. We’ve launched a simple landing page for now so you can preview our new design and have a sneak peak of our new metal cards. Our official website with a full offer and detailed information about all products will be launched very soon.

New Membership Plans

Apart from major changes in branding, we decided to offer only 2 membership plans, Platinum and Diamond with stylish metal cards and annual membership fees. The reason why there will be only 2 memberships available and they are paid, is because Bankse is designed to grow its members wealth and provide real value. That’s why we also want our members to commit to using Bankse as their main bank account and pay the annual membership fee. There will also be a free membership plan available for these members who are not ready to commit to join Bankse, but would like to try and its called Platinum Lite. This plan will be only available to try for the first 3 months.

More information about Bankse, our new products, membership plans and more, will be available very soon when Bankse official website is launched.

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Your First Premium Mobile Bank

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Your First Premium Mobile Bank — Bankse

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