The Curry Leaf

it’s yom kippor the giants are playing in the bar on the corner there are occasional cheers less occasional moans a glass breaks a giggly feminine screech slides out shoots right into the mason street cable car doing the columbus wiggle bounces bounds on down the road ending up echoing around the joe dimaggio playground walls wailing and somebody somewhere some chosen one is listing out all of his sins one after another begging god to put him in the book of life

which god is it this time

the jealous god the vengeful god the loving god some schizo psycho rolo polo mary fucking god who commanded abraham whom we all share to sacrifice his own son

cocksucker just can’t seem make up his mind

my god your god our god our sweet little goddess sometimes she’s just a fucked up four year old playing with a cuppa gas a pack of matches and an ant hill

let us pray so begins the victim’s curse to love their abuser oh baby i do love you so

and some guys they just like to be tied up spanked and pissed on whatever floats your boat baby you scream i scream we all scream for ice cream

and we

me and blondie

have just slithered post swim out of the chilly salty waters of our mother the goddess of the sea our lady of the bay she herself is quite the tempestuous bitch at times she can be oh so gentle gazing upon you with those wanton whorish eyes before turning on you turning on a dime bite you a little nibble at your soul while feeding your fear slosh you around a bit toss you up and down a bit before tossing you right up on the shore


all in cahoots with the goddess serendipity

and we

me and blondie

who knows about next time that’s tomorrow this time we make it back out we slip in our nickel we pull her handle we gots ourselves three cherries all in a row

and this time

it’s high time to get righteous with jah bless da herb fire up da herb smoke da herb and break the fast rejoice exclaim the good news for modern man do a little watusi two step shakalaka zulu mix it up with mohammad

jiggling his balls

it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood won’t you be my won’t you be my won’t you be my


oh baby oh baby oh baby oh

so we step into this little indian place this little pakistani place borders are so arbitrary so whimsical down on columbus down in the flats down in the tourist wasteland below washington square

the curry leaf

they have no beer they have no wine they have no shots of tequila but hey that’s ok because he has a store or his cousin has a store or his brother has a store right across the street and you can get whatever you want and brown bag it on over

we order a tandoori we order some tikka masala we order some naan we order some aloo palak da blessing of da herb tends to enhance excite exaggerate extend

maybe a little more maybe a little saag gosht

we order one thing we change our minds we play twenty questions our host mister curry leaf himself he is very patient very gentle he smiles he laughs he shakes his head he watches the game on the tee vee

then he says hey hey hey

do you like goat tonight is the night we cook goat it is a muslim dish goat and lamb in a curry been cooking it all day it be so good you will love it

memories sweep down off the hill cracker memories of barbecued goat on my cousin bill’s farm back down in south georgia he’d kill a goat he’d kill a small gator he’d grill those fuckers make a brunswick stew from gator goat rabbit squirrel pig parts we’d drink copious amounts of alcohol

and then go drive around and shoot at shit

cracker fun don’t you know redneck rompin’

and mister curry leaf dude don’t think he’s shooting shit but he has me hooked he has me drooling in that very selfish gimme gimme sort of way don’t let your hand get in the way of my fork cocksucker and we say yeah we’ll take a couple of those

as well

and we me and miss blondie miz sugar in my tea we grab a table outside on the sidewalk yeah there’s a slight downhill but my head is rather slanted anyway so we’re good slight breeze strange breeze warm yom kippor whispering wind the sins of so many floating oh so capriciously

tossed out of the upper tenement window like buckets of slop

how many sins can one man remember

for godsake

for chrissake

for her sake

and we sip masala chai and talk life and drama and giggles and shit which usually results in me trying to get blondie to laugh so hard she snorts trapeze artist that i am juggling clown with the red nose and floppy feet

she digs my inner tom jones

and so for her i croon

and food comes out with delilah the naan dem funky dipping sauces

one is the devil one is the lord which will you choose

the naan it’s warm it’s steamy like showtime after dark it’s chewy like love then out comes the aloo palak soothing silky mellow balanced and smooth and the seekh kabab with its own peppery lusciousness gobbled down like it was cock

and then and then

he brought out two bowls plates that looked like bowls full of goat and lamb in this wonderful thick and spicy curried stew with potatoes and eggplant and perhaps the love of jah himself

whose jah

your jah

be da jah

put your left foot in take your left foot out put your left foot in

it’s all the same rodney king won’t you please say it again

but this stew oh my driving me all carnivore chewing the meat off dem little goat bones finding chunks of lamb slopping the naan through the curry like dey was biscuits in gravy

this stew

i know it’s not on the menu we just get lucky miz serendipity she do seem to drive my life caught a lucky ride we get there on that day when they cook goat

kismet karma clem kadiddllehopper fate

and it this goat curry stew only serves to enhance the other delightful plates they place before us spinning it all around making the day bringing it all together closing all the contrasts as the sun slides south below the hills the shadows define the breeze cools moods calm

the giants game it goes on and on and on it’s tied the cheers and moans grow less and less these fans they’re hanging on the game will go on for like forty seven innings until a seagull is sacrificed on a towering pyre of flames

and its gizzard is chopped up and spread across home plate

and the sun sets and the

conversation lulls

and the

satisfaction sets in

we sip tea enjoy the company of the street lick fingers walk home and all that

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