Education In Australia

“ Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. This quote was said by Nelson Mandala. In our world, education is vital in order to live a successful life, and have a successful career. Education is like the passport for life. Without education, you cannot physically get into a job. With education, it does not just mean going to school, sitting at a desk and taking notes off a whiteboard. It also defines as to when you learn something new in the world which you previously did not know of.

When people hear of education, they think about the old, boring education. All education does not have to be ‘boring’. It all depends on how you take education in. If you make learning more interesting, it will become more fun and less tiring and more tedious.

In conclusion, education is a part in life where you choose how you want it to go. If you would like it to be more interesting, you try and make it as fun as possible. If you do not try to make education less tedious, you will find your years of learning some very tedious and troublesome years.

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