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I was doing some research on marketing agencies and was surprised by the level of dishonesty that some agencies practice. They claim to have expertise in Social Media Marketing and promise to improve engagement on your platforms by generating leads through great content.

At first glance, the advice sounds like just what you need, but something caught my attention, these so called social media gurus rarely got a retweet/share or like on any of their own social networks, why is this so?

If they claim to make your content so good that it will lead to customer engagement, then why isn’t their strategy working for them? I must admit I was being nosy but that’s beside the point, I wanted to understand what they were doing wrong. I checked all of their social networks and found hardly any engagement from clients they worked with or potential clients, I asked myself the same question, why?

To satisfy my curiosity, I got out my laptop and carried out some research on the topic honesty in marketing. I was delighted to stumble across Doug Kessler, a well respected B2B specialist, who used Avis Car Rentals as a good example for honesty in Marketing.

DDB was hired by Avis to raise its market share. Avis was stuck in second place and losing money for 15 years in its category. Bill Bernbach of DDB embraced Avis’ second status in the industry and used that as a strategy for an unlikely campaign success story. The campaign was called “We Try Harder” which scored miserably in comparative advertising.

“Half the people didn’t like it but half the people did and that’s the half we want” said Bernbach.

The advert was the rebirth of Avis, transforming them into a much liked underdog, with the right people rooting for the company’s success.

Source: Avis

What Can We Learn From Avis?

  1. Honesty is a key ingredient in your marketing campaign
  2. Persistence pays off — you need a clear business strategy with a route that indicates what you want to achieve and how. This helps because if the first route doesn’t work, you can use it to measure where you have come from and to figure out where you went wrong, this will enable you to change the course of your direction by refining the strategy.
  3. Hiring the right marketers who understand you and your business will take your company to the next level.

Value Proposition: Utilising your uniqueness

4. Why do you stand out?

5. What makes you unique?

6. Why would someone choose you over your competitor?

Customer Strategy

It would be unwise to waste time and money pursuing the wrong audience, so reaching the right audience is vital. The correct audience will have the best return on investments (ROI). Understanding your audience and what motivates them and where you can find them is vital. This can be done through market research and remember to use the right marketing channel.


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