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The 5 Biggest Moments at bantu in 2018

#5: Nov 2018 — We won a prize at Startup Weekend Mega Singapore 2018 🏆

Our co-founders Nicholas’ and Janelle’s idea TongForChange, placed third at the largest hackathon in Singapore! It was a tough two days of designing, developing, and pitching the idea.

It was honourable to have had received validation from the esteemed SWSG Mega 2018 judges including, Kok Ping Soon (CEO, GovTech), Chng Kai Fong (Managing Director, EDB) and Michael Blakey (Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital). Special shoutout to the Startup Weekend Singapore team!

TongForChange wants to make donating life’s spare change an everyday lifestyle, by simplifying the donation process and allowing you to donate to the organisation of your choice. Read more here.

#4: Dec 2018 — Awarded the Lotus-NUS Fund 🙏🏻

In fact, this was the second time we had put in our application — the first was in early 2018, but we were unsuccessful. We are so happy that our hard work and dedication towards our social mission really paid off through our tremendous progress.

We are very thankful to Mr. Nirmal Singh and the board at Lotus Life Foundation for playing a huge role in keeping our dreams at bantu alive.

Our startup’s feature on NUS Enterprise — read here

#3: July 2018 — Organised The Good Idea: A Hackathon for Social Good 👨🏻‍💻👍🏻

After being a participant to countless hackathons, our co-founders decided to organise a hackathon themselves. In collaboration with Campus Party Singapore and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth in Singapore (SG Cares), the hackathon was a HUGE SUCCESS! 🎉 (We were so shocked when our tickets were sold out in just less than two weeks.)

The participants had so much fun over the two days, working on ideas that could generate social good. They made friends with each other, and the bantu team in turn became friends with them. P.s. The youngest participant was 13 years old and the eldest 57 years young :)

Featuring our 65 participants & dedicated volunteers
Special thanks to all our partners & sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you! :’)

#2: Aug 2018 — CEO Nicholas & co-founders’ main feature on The Straits Times

We were honoured that our CEO Nicholas’ graduation story was chosen as the commencement story of the year, a full one-page feature on the Education section of The Straits Times.

It is great that our co-founders have all completed their undergraduate education in NUS, but being honoured for this achievement further spurs us to work harder in helping the social sector.

View the full article on The Straits Times

#1: Mar 2018 — Taking on our first paying client: AMKFSC Community Services

We received the best piece of news just before we launched our product: AMKFSC Community Services decided to come onboard our product bantu Workspace as a full client!

It was not easy for organisations to place their trust in an early-stage company like us. We are so immensely grateful for all the support that so many people have shown us through our operation in 2018.

There is truly nothing like the sweet success of having happy users that believe in your product and in the team behind it.

And that is why #1 has been chosen as the Best Moment of 2018!

And here’s to an even more fulfilling 2019 ahead!


Final note: And at the end of the day, the team is always the most important.

Here’s to all the amazing moments we’ve had in 2018 as a team, having fun and learning more about each other every single day. 🥂




Helping others should be easy (p.s. we build tech for non-profits)

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