New Banzai Coming Soon: Beta Testers Needed

TEACHERS SPANNING DOZENS OF STATE LINES HAVE LOTS TO SAY ABOUT BANZAI. We’ve eagerly sought your advice through surveys, telephone conversations, in-person conferences, and emails — to find out what will make Banzai, an already award-winning program, even greater. We want to provide what matters most to all of you.

About six months ago, we realized that our existing online software was inadequate. It couldn’t handle the breadth or ambition of the new features needed to take Banzai to a new level.

So, we started fresh. Our new version of Banzai is better in every conceivable way. It’s easier to use, beautifully designed, and highly extensible. And now, we’re ready to give you a sneak peek.

Let us highlight a few of Banzai’s immediate improvements:

Better student experience: We’ve improved on Life Scenarios with a completely new interface. It’s now simpler to understand and more visually appealing.

More powerful teaching aides: Managing and grading classes is even easier in new Banzai. You can archive classes, reset students’ Life Scenarios and assessments, and access granular details about each student’s use of the program.

Easier to use: New Banzai clearly articulates each step in the program, ensuring students successfully grasp the lessons.

Beautiful design: Banzai has been beautifully redesigned. It now reflects the colorful and eye-popping nature of Life Scenarios. It employs visual queues and real-life metaphors to teach financial concepts.

Performance: As more teachers and students access Banzai each week, it’s imperative that Banzai offers a great experience to each user. New Banzai is faster and more reliable.

What about the future? This redesign opens the door to our most requested feature addition: customizable Life Scenarios. While not be immediately available, this feature has been the primary motivation in recreating an already great program. We’re obviously very excited about it. We’ll keep you posted.

When will new Banzai be available? We have yet to announce a date, however, it’s coming soon (within weeks). In the meantime…

We need your help! We’re seeking willing teachers to try it out now, before the public launch. If you are interested — and willing to pardon our dust — we can get you started right away. If you can help, please email support@teachbanzai.comwith the subject, “Beta Test”, and your name in the body. We’ll transfer your account to the new software.

Here’s a few screenshots from the new program:

We hope you’re excited for the new version of Banzai. As always, please let us know your thoughts. We’re anxious to hear from you.