What is Bappo and why should I care?

We’re a Sydney-based startup with a grand mission to shake up the way the business world does business.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been tinkering away at a tool that enables anyone to create apps for their business, lightning fast.

Bappo will be for those who are non-technical, time-poor, and sometimes get a little annoyed when this app doesn’t do that thing.

We want to help you track, manage and integrate your customers, clients, employees, orders, projects, accounts, inventory, and events in the way you want to do it.

So far we’ve built a stupidly-simple and beautiful app-making platform with customisable database logic, file uploads, chat and collaboration, intuitive search, reporting, a Zapier integration, a dev kit for you to enter your own code (if you need), iOS and Android mobility, and a whole bunch more.

But there’s still a little ways to go… watch this space!

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