Servant Leadership is a Fallacy

Picture, if you will, a field of lush, emerald green grass. To the side is a fresh stream of cool, babbling water. In the midst of the pasture is a flock of two hundred, three hundred, maybe more sheep.

By and by, the shepherd calls for his sheep. First one, then two, and three hear his voice. Their ears pick up, their eyes fix upon him, and they begin to move toward him. Suddenly the flock sees the motion, hears the shepherd’s voice, and begins to follow.

Can the sheep in the front actually be called leaders? I tell you, they are not. They merely heard the shepherd’s voice first.

Servant leadership is a fallacy. To consider oneself a leader in the Christian world is a true fallacy and the cause of much heartache in the Master’s fields. We are at best followers. We are our best when we are followers. It may be that we followed ahead of some others, but ours is not to look around, organize the flock and determine how best they can follow. The best we can do is to keep our eyes on the Shepherd, follow Him carefully, and allow others behind us to follow the Shepherd in our path.

Marvin McKenzie

In the fields



Here I have articles and posts relevant to American culture, Baptist theology and, sometimes, how they intersect.

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Marvin McKenzie

Pastor, self published Amazon Author, avid student of the Bible. teacher of the Word of God in college level . Daily visit with God