Why Aren’t Our Churches Remaining Baptist Long Term?

I have spent a number of days running down old Baptist churches in the northern part of Kentucky. Think about it! One of these churches was established while George Washington was still alive. Another one, while John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were living. They are in different circles than I am, but they are still active, and they are still Baptist in name. Why aren’t more of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches remaining Baptist long term?

I am sure I don’t have all of the answers but here are some thoughts:

Most of these churches are either Southern Baptist or Missionary Baptists.

They might likely say that their longevity is attributed to their organizations. I would not agree with this because their organizations are moving toward being non-Baptist.

I would argue that many if not most independent Baptists are not, in fact, Baptists.

I think they are more immersing old-fashioned Methodists.

I think Independent Baptists have, for many decades, been more pragmatic and growth-oriented rather than doctrinal oriented.

Almost anything goes in these days so long as we can claim souls being saved and churches growing.

Doctrine is not preached as much as “help” messages.

Too many preachers try to answer the questions people ask rather than informing people of the questions they should be asking.

Marvin McKenzie

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Marvin McKenzie

Marvin McKenzie

Pastor, self published Amazon Author, avid student of the Bible. teacher of the Word of God in college level . Daily visit with God www.marvinmckenzie.org