What were we thinking with this new WordPress solution?

A few days ago we have launched the so called “Headache-less and dashboard-less WordPress Management Solution”.

Here’s a bit of background behind the concept and what we hope to achieve with it.

All those pesky minor updates that keep popping up in the middle of my brain intensive activities…

For years and years we have been hit with multiple solutions, dashboards, hidden codes and articles on how to be more efficient when it comes to platforms and their administration. Platform maintenance and administration does not mean only updating the core, the themes and plugins; it also means that if something goes wrong, and wrong can be anything from bad code, malware attack, hijacking or even forgetting the password, that someone is there (hopefully around the clock), to fix those issues. If you are not familiar with coding or troubleshooting the potential issues, then you are pretty much at the mercy of the most available developer you can find; good luck finding a cheap one with little to no notice.

If you happen to have/own multiple WordPress installations, it can become tricky to keep an eye on all of them, especially when it comes to updates. While some consider that minor updates can be delayed (e.g. from 4.7 to 4.7.1), these “minor” updates can have major implications that can affect the security of a website. If you have a moment, take a look at the release notes of WordPress 4.7.1 which mentions that the previous versions were affected by 8 (eight) security issues, some of them quite serious. There were also 61 (sixty one) bugs that were fixed in 4.7.1. (https://codex.wordpress.org/Version_4.7.1).

Did you update or did you make it a weekend task?

So what do we actually do?

It is quite simple (according to us). We use our own dashboard to monitor and manage your (multiple) WordPress deployments. We update the core as it happens. With plugins and themes we see if all works and is compatible with the new core version. If something goes wrong, we fix it on the spot. If something goes really wrong, we inform you what the situation is, and we continue trying to fix it until all is back to normal.

Included in any package is the “Security Management”, in which we analyze how secure your website is and we recommend solutions to the issues that we found.

We can also activate a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution, for all your users including tutorials on how to activate it individually. (all plans have the 2FA option included).

At the beginning of each month, we send you a report to let you know what happened in the month before and what we did.

So what’s new? Why should you let us manage your WordPress sites?

There is no dashboard for you. We communicate via email regarding what needs to be done, both from your side and our side. You receive the notifications to your email, including the monthly invoice.

Do you want to add a new domain to your package? Let us know.
Do you want to cancel altogether? Again, send us an email.

Considering that we are in 2017, the age of dashboards, forms, bots and apps, sending an email sounds so last century. Yet at the same time, we are overwhelmed about the idea of remembering new passwords, new websites, funni.ly named apps and services.

We are looking forward to having you as a client and we really hope that we will be able to get you rid of the headaches involving WordPress management.

Here’s where you can get more information about our WordPress Management solution.