Cloning / restoring / migrating MongoDB with mongodump

There is an easy way to migrate MongoDB database between different hosts. Sometimes we might need it for example in case of:

  • moving db from local database to the remote

And any other possible case you might think about.

With mongodump it’s only 2 simple steps.

First you will need to install mongodump for your platform:

Then first step is to create the dump:

mongodump --uri='URLOFMONGO'

'URLOFMONGO' is URL you are using to connect your app to MongoDB -- either local like let's say mongodb:// or remote like mongodb+srv://

It will save the dump — the whole content of your database — in the dumpfolder in the current folder from there the command was executed.

Inside dump folder you would see the folder with the name of the DB - it's the one you would like to use to restore.

To restore:


such as

mongorestore --uri='mongodb://' -d winemind dump/Winemind

Now we moved data from remote DB called Winemind to localhost DB named winemind

The end :)



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