Midcentury Highlight: Styling with the Noguchi Table

The Noguchi table replica is Barcelona Design’s premier coffee table, inspired from the great Isaamu Noguchi, an artist and landscape architect who wielded a major influence over furniture design in the mid century. The Noguchi Table is considered Isaamu Noguchi’s greatest piece and it continues to be manufactured today. With so many Noguchi table replicas on the market, it may be hard to distinguish the best replica. The Barcelona Designs Noguchi table replica follows all the specifications of Noguchi’s table, so it is built the way it had intended to be. It comes in 7 color options for the wooden legs. Before buying the Noguchi table replica, gather some interior design ideas on how to style your indoor space with the Noguchi table.

A Modern Living Room

Perfectly situated in the middle of a small living room setup, the Noguchi table completes the configuration. All this modern living room use in terms of main furniture pieces is a sectional sofa and two modern chairs. The hanging light provides another focal point to the room and its aim at the Noguchi table replica accentuates it all the more. The rug serves as a kind of gravitational force, so to speak, for the other furniture, in that they all face towards it, bringing together a configured living space. The two side tables at each end of the sectional sofa and the three side by side art frames zest up the look in this living area.

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