I Wanna Dance With Somebody

My 8th grade graduation song was “The Greatest Love of All”. I think of it as I bring loads of trash to the street. I’ve been symbolically releasing all my emotional baggage one Thursday at a time for the past few years.

I breathe in Whitney’s powerful voice and her decline comes to mind. I think the lesson in that song was the one she could never fully internalize. She could be loved by so many but that adoration was empty because it’s so lonely and dark when you can’t stand yourself. I can only guess at this aspect of her struggle, she never really let us in.

How will I know?

As happens from time to time, a lightning bolt zapped my brain in this meditative moment at the curb. When we become disheartened and discouraged, we need to look internally and embrace what we believe are our best qualities. If there’s only one right now, we laser-focus in on that. There’s at least one thing we KNOW we do right. We anchor ourselves on that and it forms the foundation to rejuvenate our self-love.

Whitney’s lyricist knew. 8th grade! If I could have only internalized the words myself back then…but that wasn’t my time. I needed to flounder for another 30 years or so.

Loving ourselves carves a sparkling path out of negativity. If things aren’t going the way we want, we put more effort into self-care, clearing the way for us to nurture our dear ones, which feeds our soul, and BOOM! We have a working, thriving machine.

Be the machine. Take stock, love your best qualities, pamper yourself. Nourish the glow from within and see your abundant love flourish. Only then can you give it to others.

And only then will it all make sense.

BKB out.