Being a Founder: You, a pile of snow and a snowman

Being a founder is basically you at the top of a pile of snow, pushing a tiny ball down a hill, and hoping it turns in to a snowman. Many times all you know is where you need to end up.

Your job isn’t necessarily to tell your team how to get there. In fact, you’ll probably shoot yourself in the foot if you do try to control it all.

The best you can do is put things in motion & trust you’ve surrounded yourself with a capable team. A team that can take what you’ve started and figure out how to get from A to B.

But the fact is, sometimes the snowball you started will fall apart on the way down. And other times it’ll get to the bottom and just be a freaking big ball that nobody cares about.

If you’ve hired the right people who understand & want the end goal, they’ll take your dinky little snowball & turn it into something great.

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