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Why I Moved From Spotify To Apple Music?

Which Spotify actions pushed me to Apple Music and why am I happy so much?

Oldies but Goldies

Pexels — Budgeron Bach

I have never been a music oriented person, but I’ve always listened to it. Before university, I was listening via old style cassettes, then promoted to CD’s. Technology was so fast, I then moved to mp3-players, the ones like ice-cream sticks. Apple had iPod’s but I never had any of them. As soon as I got my first iPhone, I started using iTunes music, but it was very expensive. The app was expecting you to buy single songs at €0.99 or whole albums at €9.99.

Then at some point around 2013, I bought a Samsung cell phone, which also had a Deezer subscription. It was a cool app, but I was not able to find the songs I was looking for. It was not the best user experience I got. I was struggling especially when I need to carry out my music with me.

Spotify Comes to Life

Getty Images — Maarten Wouters

A friend of mine has mentioned about Spotify, while I was reading some good news on the web. I immediately moved to this platform and realized that I could find anything I looked for. Different genres, albums from my high school times as well as the latest ones. I also liked the Discovery Weekly option, in which Spotify was curating 30 songs based on my listening habits every Monday.

I have been a premium member of Spotify since 2015, despite having some problems with it. They are namely:

  • I never understand why I can’t change my account name.
  • What is the motivation to have friends in the web version of it? Nobody can make a conversation, we cannot share any song via app, we cannot even remove or block anyone. So why?
  • Spotify always brought new albums, but it was very shy to show them to us. It expects us to dig the hole deeply to find them.
  • Instead, what Spotify wants us is to listen the same songs, over and over again, maybe with some remixes.
  • I really hate two particular songs on this earth. Thanks to Spotify, it brings me the new version of them every month through Discovery Weekly. I block them, and mark as unwanted songs, but Spotify does not want to listen to me.
  • Last but not least, I am not the one having these issues.
  • My wife has a worse issue than mine. She specifically dislikes some genres. However, Spotify thinks that there might be a little opportunity to force her, so she may like those.

However, I like the navigation of it. Additionally the multi-platform capabilities are good as well, from Mac to PC, from Android to iPhone it worked very well. The annual summary that they shared on December about my listening habits. The podcasts they had. Despite not able to change their black background -I dislike the dark mode- I am ok with the creative layout of the platform.

Spotify Goes Away Very Quickly

Pexels — Martin Sanchez

Then on Valentine’s Day, my lovely wife had a present to me, the latest and the greatest iPhone 12 Pro Max. Besides many positive aspects I may mention, Apple had a gift to me as well: 3-month free subscription to Apple Music, which I was no plan to have this transition.

(Un)fortunately Spotify made the same mistake again, in the following Monday. I had been a huge fan of Discovery Weekly and my Mondays were dedicated to listen this newly arrived playlist. I opened it, and after couple of songs, I again faced with the song I really really hate. I guess Spotify thought that there was a chance to like that shitty song if another singer songs it.

It was wrong.

I immediately downloaded Apple Music. Then quickly browsed the available playlists and searched some of my favorite songs. Then I looked at AppStore how to move move all my playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and there are various alternatives as well. Within less than 2 hours, I became an Apple Music user and left Spotify behind.

Why Apple Music is Better Than Spotify

Pexels — Madison Reynolds

Let me list some of the reasons I am aware of:

  1. Apple Music does not show you the songs I hate a lot.
  2. It has much various kind of playlists. As an example, you don’t need to listen only 90’s songs. If you like, you can listen 90’s Latin Essentials. If this is not enough for you, go for the years: Pop Hits in 1992.
  3. There are several live recordings. If you missed out any concert in previous years, you may catch them here.
  4. And catch means not only to listen, also to watch. There are various live concerts or their single song parts, that you can watch.
  5. You can watch the music clips via Apple Music as well.
  6. There is a Sleep category to use before you go to sleep.
  7. Make any playlist public or private.

It’s Not Only Me, But Everyone

Pexels — Wendy Wei

Well, I shared my Spotify experience with people around me and four people already moved from Spotify to Apple Music.

However, my goal is not to promote Apple or pull people from Spotify. My goal is to understand whether people are aware of the poor service they get from Spotify or not and to highlight this.

Then I found some statistics about online music industry.

Both platform has roughly 70 million songs, so there is no issue on the final products but the services they provide.

Spotify has the biggest market share in music streaming market.

Spotify is the market leader. — Statista

However, number of premium subscribers of Spotify is increasing less vs previous periods since 2017.

Spotify is losing its energy — Forbes

This surely has an impact on the profits.

Spotify is losing money too — Forbes

They are also loosing money despite being not cheap (NOPAT: net operating profit after-tax):

The expectations from Spotify is not promising either — Forbes

Final Words

Pexels — Jonas Ferlin

Well this is my story so far about Spotify.

What I’m saying is not Spotify does not have good songs. It has. However, it has a very bad algorithm to keep most of the songs inside of it, rather than presenting.

It is not a coincidence that just after a week to move Apple Music, it started to show me the playlists that I’m looking for: smooth jazz, classical music, 90’s rock, Japanese rhythms and so forth.

After five years of everyday streaming in Spotify, what it showed me is middle east songs, 2000’s local rocks and the songs I already added into my playlists.

Goodbye Spotify, I’ll be happier without you.

Welcome Apple Music, I hope I don’t need to move to another platform again.



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