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Haruka Furukawa
Nov 5, 2019 · 3 min read


This document is published as the “Philosophy of BARK

Living with an entrepreneurial mindset

We support entrepreneurs that build the future.

An entrepreneur? Peter Drucker had a good description: “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Entrepreneurship all starts from mindset. It’s not about inborn talent or skills.

Startups are a group of people with an entrepreneurial mindset that seeks chances of change, solve them with products and services that never existed, gain fans, scale rapidly, and become the new norm of the world. They dream, build, and make things happen.

This mindset is not only about starting a company.
It’s about how you live.

The startup ecosystem: the next steps

Our team has been organizing various startup events and we have been fortunate enough to be involved in the global startup scene. We saw a rising interest in startups in the past few years, and everyone is shouting for innovation.

Let’s make this social trend an actual phenomenon.

We need more people with courage, taking the driver’s seat. Nothing starts if everyone is waiting for someone else to make it happen.

More people believing themselves, starting something new, in a community where big challenges are celebrated. This is the world we wish, and the world we are making.

Launching BARK

The bark protects a tree so it can grow big and strong.
Growth happens at the bark.

BARK organizes a non-profit community of dreamers and builders that fearlessly lead big challenges that make the world a better place. A community supports them by making opportunities to connect with the right people that accelerate to become world-renowned.

We launched BARK because over time we have become increasingly curious to set an example; to be entrepreneurs with a bold purpose, building brands that are recognized worldwide.

We are now taking a bold step like the ones that we have admired so much.

Our values

Everything we do has the sole purpose to encourage more people to take the initiative.

Every person in the BARK community will:

Think big
Think bigger and bigger. Go bolder and bolder. Don’t be afraid, there are always ways. Start from the biggest scale you could imagine.

Break barriers
Prejudice and discrimination deprive chances. We maximize opportunities by being open without any limitations. Being exposed to diverse perspectives will broaden our horizons and boost creativity.

Celebrate uniqueness
Being unique, being yourself is damn cool. Thinking outside the box, differently is a good sign of revolution.

Be genuine
We build an inclusive community through consideration and care. Stay sincere and know what you’re doing. No bullshit.

Stay hungry
There is so much to learn in this fast-changing world. We are the ones that explore the unknown and seek for chances.

DO it.
Actions speak louder than words.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating… Let’s do this!

And yes, this applies to us as well, so we will stop talking and get back to work ;) hehe

See you next February!

From BARK team


BARK + celebration = BARKATION /bɑːrkéiʃən/

“BARKATION by BARK” is an offline event where startups from all around the world gather under one roof to celebrate, connect, and start new creations.

This is a celebration of entrepreneurship by BARK.

Even in a time when we are exposed to infinite numbers of people on social media, we believe that there could be cosmic significance in random encounters. These happen-chance meetings mean so much more than a calculated search engine result. There are chances in this offline gathering.

February 19–20, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan
Expecting 6,000 attendees, hundreds of startups, and you.

Official Website


Haruka Furukawa

Written by

CEO at BARK. Used to run Slush Tokyo. Ex-barista with coffee running in veins, now brewing startup ideas.



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