Members of the 2016 Barker Lab that found our photo site!

People in the Barker Lab

Dr. Michael S. Barker

Assistant Professor, EEB 
Director, Bioinformatics Degree Program 
Phone: 520–621–2213 
Office: BioSciences West 321E
Lab: BioSciences West 321
EEB Page

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Xinshuai Qi

Ph.D., Zhejiang University
Researching polyploidy and the diversity of Brassica crops
Personal website:

Dr. Hannah Marx

Ph.D., University of Idaho
Testing if the “polyploid plasticity” hypothesis predicts plant responses to climate change in natural populations at NEON sites
Personal website:

Graduate Students

Anthony Baniaga

EEB Ph.D. Candidate 
Studying the genomics of hybridization and resurrection across the hybrid zone of the Sonoran Desert lycophytes Selaginella arizona and S. eremophila

Zheng Li

EEB Ph.D. Student
Using new approaches to test hypotheses on the phylogenetic distribution and frequency of polyploidy across the tree of life

Stacy Jorgensen

EEB Ph.D. Student 
Evaluating genetic variation and multiple origins of polyploid species with a focus on population genomics of the Madrean Sky Island allotetraploid Selaginella rupincola

Undergraduate Students

Thomas Kidder

Bioinformatics B.S. major
Architect of high throughput PASTA and inference of paleopolyploidy throughout the plant phylogeny

Sally Galuska

Bioinformatics B.S. major
Taming GO annotations with HMMs in Beholder and developing machine learning approaches to study plant genomes

Chris Reardon

MCB B.S. major
Master of MAPS and machine learning for plant genomes

Alexandra Pond

Evaluating the age and nature of the polyploidy in the ancestry of the Hawaiian Silversword Alliance

Alex Trostle

Using simulation approaches to study the history of plant genomes

Honorary & Visiting Members

Shing Zhan

Ph.D. Student at University of British Columbia

Jesse Czenski-Moir

Ph.D. Student at SUNY-ESF, Syracuse

Jake Ellis

Bioinformatics M.S. Student at Northeastern University
Conducting his Research Internship in the Barker Lab

Polly Barker

Lab mascot and guard dog of 321E

Lab Alumni

Dr. Patrick Edger

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University 

Dr. Emily Sessa

Assistant Professor, University of Florida 

Dr. Rebecca Rundell

Assistant Professor, SUNY-ESF 

Dr. Nils Arrigo

Group Leader, University of Lausanne 

Rishi Masalia

Graduate student at the University of Georgia
Personal website:

Kevin Holt

Graduate student at Brown University

Tara Hall

Graduate student at Cornell University

Rongpei Yu

Hanghui Kong

Elton Assis

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