BarnBridge Closes $1m Seed Round

Tyler Scott Ward
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2 min readSep 10, 2020


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BarnBridge is announcing we have closed our seed round of funding.

BarnBridge is a cross platform protocol for Tokenizing Risk with Fixed Yield and Volatility Tranche Products. To read our whitepaper click here.

Our round is comprised of industry leaders including Fourth Revolution Capital, ParaFi, Kain Warwick (Synthetix), Stani Kulechov (Aave), Andrew Keys (DARMA Capital), Centrality, Blockchain Companies, Dahret Group, our founders, & our advisors.

Product Description: Fluctuation Derivatives Protocol

Smart Yield Bonds on Ethereum: Fixed and Variable interest products secured by DeFi yields.

Smart Alpha Bonds on Ethereum: Derivatives for hedging against market price fluctuations for any ERC20 token.

Purpose: This round covers development of BarnBridgeDAO, Smart Yield Bond, Smart Alpha Bond, Liquidity Mining, & Yield Farming with a bit of cushion on the end for anything that comes up over a 44 week period. Protocol launches at the end of 24 weeks with the MVP Release of Smart Yield Bond, BarnBridge DAO, and Liquidity Mining.

Development Roadmap

Launch DAO Info

Launch DAO:

Launch DAO Treasury Address: 0x5040a19E59FEcC9Bdf62CEa2F71a4604408C67BF

Basic Purpose: Development funds are held in the DAO and voted out for the needs of the project.

Detailed breakdown of Launch DAO.