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Introducing the Integrations Team & our Dev Document Markdowns

Developer Documentation is Now Live!
  • Pavlo | BarnBridge
  • Ser Speculor
  • Ser Wir
  • Ser Wir, who drafted the developer guides, set up the flow for working on GitHub files, and thought through the structure for the incoming integration requests.
  • Ser Speculor, who did an amazing job deploying the smart contracts to Kovan, drafting a lot of the files, creating deploy scripts, and generating Slither smart contract architecture graphs.
  • Pavlo, who coordinated the effort between the Integration and Core Teams as well as leading the pace with his contributions.
  • Max, who helped organize effort and laid out the basic structure along with drafting the dev guides.
  • Bogdan, who provided support on the technical side every time we needed it. You are the man.
  • Akin, who provided guidance along the way.
  • Getting $BOND listed as collateral for AAVE;
  • Applying for BarnBridge to be tracked by;
  • Notifying DeFi Safety of our updated documentation to improve our score;
  • Working on the SMART Exposure developer documentation for both GitHub & Gitbook.



BarnBridge offers interest rate swaps allowing for any variable yield to be swapped to a fixed rate.

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