I’m a Scientist.

I believe in facts based on strong, peer-reviewed observations.

I believe in evolution. I can perform experiments to show you why.

I believe you need to have your kids vaccinated. I can fill you in on the statistics and research that show there is no link to autism.

I believe that we are doing our best to treat difficult diseases. I can explain to you why there is no conspiracy to hide cures.

I believe that our climate is changing, and we have caused it. Work with me, and I can help you understand the data.

I believe that our environment is important. I can teach you why biodiversity is essential.

I believe that science should be taught in schools, the way it was intended. I can show you how our students are behind in global science education rankings.

I don’t believe in alternative facts.

I don’t believe that science is the enemy.

I do believe that a country without a strong focus on science, technology, engineering and math can’t ever be great again.

Work with me and my colleagues. Let’s have an open-minded discussion around science, and let our politicians know that facts and observations are important to our future as a nation.

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