Barter smartplace: participant privacy, trade execution speed, scalability

Nansy Dunne
Feb 11, 2021 · 3 min read


Barter Smartplace is a trading platform where a digital contract is legally binding. The main task of the project is to optimize the real world through the virtual one. Our platform will be a broad addition to existing OTC and exchange platforms.

The project adds a new type of trade — barter trade, which is carried out without financial transactions and does not burden the financial system. In addition, Barter Smartplace will become an independent platform, excluding barter agreements as a reliable legal guarantor.

The Barter Smartplace concept was created a year before the digital contracts law came into force. Our project has gained a lot of time by creating an innovative product that the market needs right now.

As the main element of the platform ecosystem, a real valuable asset tokenization service is provided, which can subsequently be placed on Smartplace. Digital asset technologies remove the barrier of trust, increase the privacy of the parties to the transaction and the speed of its execution. A legal smart contract with an electronic signature allows you to achieve high reliability and convenience of service.

Barter Smartplace is a confidential blockchain barter trading ecosystem with a digital legal smart contract. The structure of Smartplace is planned so that within the program, clients can make exchange transactions in an instant.

The Barter Smartplace project was presented in Moscow at the conference of the largest consortium — Hyperledger, it is included in the wiki.Hyperledger knowledge base, and is also presented in Europe (Italy, Belgium, and Warsaw) at the Russian Digital Week exhibition with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo.

Company President Dmitry Zhukov says:

“For me, barter is an urgently needed measure at this time. The target audience includes individuals and legal entities. Legal entities — companies, for example, car {af1b3c4847} dealerships, real estate agencies, jewelry boutiques, and other suppliers of goods. Individuals can buy, sell and exchange goods in barter, participate in auctions.

Smartplace optimizes the formalities of the legal sphere, for example, drafting a contract — this is indeed a typical job that you can entrust the program. When the transaction is executed on the platform, the contract is drawn up automatically — according to the template and signed with an electronic signature. If one of the parties does not fulfill its obligations under the contract, then you can file a claim in court. The main task of the platform is just to minimize such cases due to the exchange protocol we have developed. “

Barter Smartplace allows you to instantly execute transactions online from anywhere in the world, which is relevant today. Thanks to advanced privacy technologies, the privacy of our users is maximally protected.

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