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Barter Smartplace releases NFT for charity fundraising

Modern technologies open up many new opportunities for charitable organizations. Why not use blockchain for good? Barter Smartplace, in cooperation with the Russian Red Cross, has issued charitable NFT certificates, which can be purchased by anyone on the accredited Russian crypto marketplace Barter Smartplace. All proceeds will go to the Russian Red Cross aid fund.

The Russian Red Cross is the oldest charitable organization in Russia. The organization was established back in the 19th century (May 15, 1867), and its origins were Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna and Emperor Alexander II. To this day, the Russian Red Cross provides assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population and victims of emergency situations. The organization also implements various medical and social programs, trains the population in first aid skills.

Three categories of charitable certificates with a face value of 500 rubles were created. 1000 NFTs were issued in each category.

One of the main tasks of the Russian Red Cross is to provide assistance in emergency situations.

Assistance during emergencies includes:

  • organization of operational detachments for work in emergency situations
  • providing humanitarian assistance
  • training the population to respond to emergencies
  • informing the population about methods of combating especially dangerous diseases

2. Assistance to victims of the Ukrainian crisis

The Russian Red Cross has been providing humanitarian assistance in this direction since February, when fundraising was launched to provide assistance to the victims.

We are talking about helping refugees and migrants from the territory of Donbass and Ukraine

  • accepting applications for financial assistance
  • psychological consultations
  • accepting applications for restoration of family ties
  • individual and group lessons with children
  • advice on acquiring the legal status of residence and access to medical services

3. Social programs

According to statistics for 2021, about a quarter of older people in Russia are lonely. Old age is often accompanied by poverty, disease, and the inability to take care of oneself. The Russian Red Cross is engaged in a variety of programs to help the elderly, in which you can take part.

The program includes:

  • home care
  • social assistance for the elderly
  • education of the population in long-term care of the elderly

Fundraising for charity with the help of NFT in 2022 is no longer something out of the ordinary, but this is the first such initiative on the Russian web3 marketplace.

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