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Decentralized Commerce and the benefits it brings

Hello! 👋🏻 Today we will tell you about the benefits of decentralized trading.

🖥 If earlier decentralized financial systems seemed like a utopia and dreams that are technically impossible to realize, today it is obvious to everyone that the future belongs to decentralization.

🔗 This has become possible thanks to the development of blockchain technology. After all, no one previously had the opportunity to create a hack-proof database that would be decentralized.

📈 Modern DeFi platforms are developing very rapidly. The rise in the price of their tokens sometimes shows even 1000% +.

💰 This is not surprising, because modern banks are subject to the state and its monetary policy, and private banks may close and simply not return money to depositors.

🤖 Decentralized finance easily solves this problem and offers users a more technological and simple solution to transactions — smart contracts.

📌 It is thanks to smart contracts that we can easily move into a new era of digital finance. What makes them special and why are they so important?

📌 The key advantage of smart contracts is that the transaction is carried out absolutely without intermediaries. The smart contract records the terms of the transaction from both parties, and as soon as the computer algorithm sees that both parties have fulfilled all the conditions, it will carry out the transaction.

📌 With the advent of smart contracts, the blockchain has received a second wind, and the prospect of this technology even in centralized systems has been the subject of hot discussions lately.

🚀 In addition, decentralized trading has another advantage — transnationality.

📖 Any person who at least once tried to transfer money abroad using, for example, Western Union faced the SWIFT system and obstacles in the transfer. Such as the excessive bureaucracy of the process, the duration of the translation, etc.

⚡️ With BARTER Smartplace you can make fast and secure transactions all over the world. Thanks to smart contracts, you can be absolutely sure that all parties to the transaction fulfilled their obligations, which is especially important in e-commerce.

🥇 BARTER improves existing legal solutions thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, namely:

🔹 Instant conclusion of a contract using an electronic digital signature from anywhere in the world;

🔹 Search for the desired document in a digital database in a few seconds;

🔹 Protection of all documents thanks to the distributed registry;

🔹 Respect for confidentiality by the parties to the contract — the transaction is made without intermediaries.

📢 Find out more about the BARTER Smartplace here:

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