Every little bit helps = Crowdfunding

Dmitry Zhukov
Sep 30 · 2 min read

“I’ve started crowdfunding at my project in order to finance the organization of a live conference to present the product”

You still don’t know what crowdfunding is?😱

Everyone has might heard the saying: ‘’every little bit helps…’’
So, crowdfunding is a collective financing of ideas and projects 🚀

Today, financing and even investing in interesting projects is available to everyone as it has the price of a cup of coffee ☕️

You can launch your project on the platform, and I will definitely support you 😜

And now you can become a sponsoring participant of my project for any amount (even 100 rubles are really important) 🙏

Take part in financing the project, which we will bring to the international market together

Become a part of an international company 🔥

It’s very easy and reasonable to support my project:

1. Follow the project link https://planeta.ru/campaigns/barter
2. Click Support Project
3. Choose a sponsorship fee:
- for example, I will book a luxury hotel and a ticket to Moscow to our live presentation for your strong support;
- or you can sponsor for ANY AMOUNT.
4. Indicate your email to get rewards.
5. Choose a payment method, set the amount and confirm the payment.
With bank cards, it takes less than one minute to become part of the team.
6. Follow the project on Twitter or Telegram, to stay tuned.


Even if we do not collect the necessary amount, then your funds will be returned to you, NO RISKS 👌

Soon I will conduct a live with a project presentation, where I will tell you more about crowdfunding, blockchain, and decentralization.

Follow the link to finance a project

Drop the anchor⚓️ in the future 🚀
👉 https://planeta.ru/campaigns/barter👈

🤩Have a nice day🤩

Recall, now the project is at the stage of preliminary sale of tokens, the funds from the sale of which are invested in the development of the project Barter Smartplace.

We accept ETH and BTC to official wallets:
Bitcoin — 17BexJeUQfM1iQqtgoAaqgBLPdRvKZUTR1.

BRTR tokens will be credited to each participant when the wallet is launched, they can be used to pay commissions.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Dmitry Zhukov

Written by

t.me/cryptoadvises, CryptoMaster, Blockchain-Analys.


Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract

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