Token Distribution in the Barter Ecosystem

Dmitry Zhukov
Aug 7 · 3 min read

The total issue of tokens is limited to 100 million BRTR. The distribution of tokens will be held according to the following steps:

1. An initial round of pre-sale is carried out in the amount of 2% of the issue and is distributed to participants at a price of $ 0.01 per token;

2. At the ICO stage, the project conducts a crowdfunding campaign, distributing 5% of tokens at a cost of $ 0.06 per token;

3. At the stage of the initial exchange offer, it is planned to place the following 10% of the total share at a price of $0.3 per token;

4. At the stage of testing the network at the DPoS consensus, potential validators send applies for a place to be one of the 50 main network nodes (rate of 50,000 BRTR), which are rewarded with new coins for the generation of new blocks and conscientious maintenance of the network.

It is planned to monthly distribute to all nodes 1% of the balance on the stake fund, thus, stimulate the initial validators to keep the steaks for a long time without reducing the share, thereby increasing the overall market circulation in accordance with demand. It is predicted that over 12 years only by staking, the circulation of tokens will increase to ~ 41.5%.

In addition to validators, interest in staking is expected to be got by delegators — owners of more than 10,000 BRTR, receiving part of the validator’s reward from staking. It is a good way to get additional coins, Bitcoin calles it mining;

5. After the successful IEO stage, we plan to distribute 1% of tokens to the team as a primary reward for the work done, which the holders will be able to dispose of at their discretion. Further distribution of tokens for the team will be carried out every 180 days at 1%, that is, the next 4.5 years — 9 times.

6. 5% of tokens are reserved for attracting strategically important partners to the Barter platform, which can produce a beneficial effect on the development of the network and the popularization of the smartplace application;

7. 0.5% of the total token circulation is allocated to stimulate the community to help the project during the bounty program, for example, incentives are distributed for:
- Subscriptions and reposts in social networks;
- Writing reviews and posts about the project;
- Publication of materials in the media;
- Testing MVP;
- Applied tasks (design, forum moderation, translation into other languages, and so on);

8. The reserve fund is supplemented every 180 days by 1% of the allocated share. Reserve fund tokens can be used to hedge market risks and other types of risk. It is stored in multicurrency reserves, can be used in case of market collapses, and the absence of external financing; when the product life cycle ends. The Reserve Fund supports the sustainable development of the project.


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Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract

Dmitry Zhukov

Written by, CryptoMaster, Blockchain-Analys.


Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract

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