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What can be bought with a ruble stablecoin?

Stablecoins have firmly occupied their niche in the sanctions era as a means of cross-border payments. If you do not want to deal with the volatility that is typical for BTC or ETH, and SWIFT, VISA, Mastercard do not work, stablecoins become the most convenient option.

Most of the popular stablecoins are now dollar-backed. but the dollar can also be very volatile: in March 2022, the dollar exchange rate in rubles reached more than 120 rubles, but already in April it fell below 75. Ruble stablecoins also exist. Moreover, in order to use them, it is not at all necessary to transfer them to fiat. You can buy goods for ruble stablecoin directly!

Today we will look at a few examples of what you can buy with BRUB on the Barter Smartplace crypto marketplace.

Why not make your home a little more comfortable? Did you think that you can only buy digital art with crypto?

For example, on our marketplace you can purchase paintings by the artist Alena Oshkina. Alena Oshkina is a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia and the National Union of Pastelists of Russia, as well as a participant and winner of International competitions. Finalist of the “Golden Turtle” 2022.

There is wild nature and still life here, and philosophical motifs can be found.

For a ruble stablecoin, you can easily buy useful things in everyday life, such as a shopper. An ordinary plastic bag is far from the most environmentally friendly solution. The shopper here can be a good alternative, plus it is unlikely to break while you are carrying
groceries home.

Do you like to collect precious metal coins? You might be interested in 925 “Barter Silver Coin” silver coins. These are unique coins, of which there are only 20 pieces in the world.

This coin has not only collectible value, but also gives the owner special privileges: up to 100% discount on the purchase of tickets to participate in forums, conferences and other events of the Barter Smartplace company, as well as participation in the DAO.

Naturally, we are not going to stop there. We launched BRUB recently and it has yet to fully open up. But, real estate and transport for cryptocurrency have already been placed on our marketplace, so soon the range of goods for BRUB will become more diverse.

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