Piriosa — A branding thought-experiment

Piriosa is a brand I am working on which is focused on providing females with the best experience during menstruation by changing the form of sanitary pads into a pant.

Our target audience is actually mothers of newcomers, but I wanted it to appeal to teenage groups as digital contents are more likely to build awareness.

As a class activity, I had the opportunity to visualize the brand and create a brand persona. I drew inspirations from music, pop culture, art and films. Let’s see what are the references.

The Virgin Suicides

The diary/journal handwritten doodle experience
Whimsical, Playful // Film Color Scheme

Petra Collin’s Dreamy Photography on Teens

Grounded Femininity // Female Activism and Empowerment // Embraces Differences

SOPHIE’s Discography

Bold, Catty, Free Nature

Melodrama — Lorde

Just listen to it. The vibes are just right.

Bold Typography — Chrome-types, Sharp Serifs, GT America

Very bold, Very digital, Very cyber-baddie, but still chic and clean
GT America: Clean, Chic, Sophisticated, but punchy and energetic

The Craft’s Teenage Rebellion

Stylish, Decadent and setting the bar for girls to strive towards