Piriosa — A branding thought-experiment

Piriosa is a brand I am working on which is focused on providing females with the best experience during menstruation by changing the form of sanitary pads into a pant.

Our target audience is actually mothers of newcomers, but I wanted it to appeal to teenage groups as digital contents are more likely to build awareness.

As a class activity, I had the opportunity to visualize the brand and create a brand persona. I drew inspirations from music, pop culture, art and films. Let’s see what are the references.

The Virgin Suicides

Petra Collin’s Dreamy Photography on Teens

SOPHIE’s Discography

Melodrama — Lorde

Bold Typography — Chrome-types, Sharp Serifs, GT America

The Craft’s Teenage Rebellion



This channel is for BAScii students to publish their research projects, feedback, takeaways, etc. as the common ground to share thoughts as an exchange.

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