The journalist wears Louboutin’s — Breaking the content world, blog at a time.


Born too late to absorb the cultural sensation of tabloid coverage and the public’s constant obsession? Bored of being fed articles without a flair or voice? Well, I’m here. Your tabloid-esque journalist is back to grace the blogosphere.

I am the blog writer to end all blogs.

Lip gloss: on. Reading mode: on.

Imagine instant coverage on the latest RELEVANT goss in the most accessible fashion.

Azealia Banks’ latest Instagram story freak-out.

Iconic twitter feuds that needs to be framed in the Louvre.

And even the nuclear waste being released from Japan!

Follow me if you want me to cover Demi’s tweets

Let’s be honest, news sites nowadays are basic and use the hardest words to gatekeep. It’s time for the girlies and the gays to get educated. Some of you might go “But are you trustworthy?”. I am pre-magna-cum-laude with a wit of a shopaholic smelling a sales sign. I could seriously sieve through like 12 articles and pick up everything we need to know to be updated.

Me breaking the content world

Basically, I am equipped to revolutionize the digital world. It’s over for stale content. Having the chance learn with Mr. Borsano, an Italian marketing mogul, I am ready to take the world by storm.

Instead of seeing a random advertisement on how I could benefit off Activia and sliding past it on the gram, I could be like “Oh, Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia? Who is the marketer because certainly I am not their target audience”. I could appreciate the artistry and the craft that goes into marketing for example the Gaga Oreos. I expect to become a powerful marketer that McKinsey would pay loads for. I want to be able to push news and flip a brand with pure creativity and forged marketing knowledge.

My name is Rene and soon the world will know.