Baseball Fam Rebranding

It’s been a long almost 4 and a half years since I started tweeting from some vulgar and immature personality named @ShtBallPlayrsDo. Throughout that time, a few things have come and gone: cleat chaser brand, social network 1,, and countless others that didn’t even make it to the point of having their own name.

Almost one year ago came I’ve learned that things almost never end up serving the same purpose for which they were created. The BF today is something so different from what started a year ago. A new look that better exemplifies what Baseball Fam is about was needed. It’s been a couple months of work between scrapping designs, staring at the same designs for weeks until I decide I hate it, and some trademark issues (because why would anything go smoothly without any problems?). Similar to just about everything else, I just went with my gut (and the gut of a couple others) on this one.

Home is where family is. The icon features “home” plate with the wings of an F for family.

When went up last year, it was one of those let’s throw something together to get the site up, and then fix it later. That theory has its problems, but it helps in preventing paralysis. You know, where you’re prioritizing perfection over getting started? But finally, we have a look that means something.

It’ll take a couple weeks to see all the new looks across the site and all social accounts. Thanks as always to everyone who’s been sharing and supporting over the last four years. Here’s to the future.

Drop a comment below and let me know what ya think!

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