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Foraging for the Fallacies of Distributed Computing (Part 2)

Foraging for EVEN MORE fallacies of distributed computing!

Rearranging the network

Topology: a definition of what it means in a network.

Topology illustrates the way that the nodes in our distributed system relate or connect to one another, and more importantly, how they communicate with one another.

Fallacy #5: Topology doesn’t changes (it does!)

System management realities

Fallacy #6: There is one administrator (there almost certainly are more!).
The many aspects of maintain a system as an administrator.
Fallacy #7: Transport cost is zero (it is not!)

Standardization of a system

Fallacy #8: The network is homogeneous (it isn’t if we don’t use standards).


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Exploring the basics of distributed systems, every alternate Wednesday, for a year.

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